Webinar: Basic Camera Movement

Webinar: Camera Movement
This ongoing webinar series is dedicated to teaching photographers the skills they need to create compelling HDSLR video.

In this chapter, join Victor as he teaches you how to increase the production value of your film projects by adding simple cinematic camera movements. You will see how using a camera slider can elevate your video content to the next level. By understanding the techniques required to appropriately apply camera movement to your films, you will be closer to discovering the filmmaker inside of you.

Together, we will think outside the box and take your existing photographic knowledge to create better and better video content. Let us help you bring your ideas to life with a little education, practice and creativity.

To be part of the live Webinar experience, including participating in our live chats, visit cinevate.com/webinar/ or to check out the Royalty Free Music provided by Triple Scoop Music visit triplescoopmusic.com

11 replies on “Webinar: Basic Camera Movement

  • Butterfly Videography

    I learned something from you that i never noticed before in those many video shoots i had done so far.Thanks for your tips.

  • Kevin Minton

    I enjoyed this webinar as I have the first two. Very informative and helpful to what I’m trying to achieve with my video projects. Thank you!!

  • Billy Jackson

    Hey this is great stuff! The tip about having foreground to establish movement, its something I just hadn’t thought of coming from a still photographer’s view

  • juan

    Thank you…I learning….
    but how use this on one stress wedding day…normally you don’t have to much time. thank you

  • Jenn Grover

    Victor – this series has been excellent! Exactly what I needed.

    Do you turn image stabilization on or off (lens) when using a slider?

    • Luke

      Hey Jenn,

      My assumption was that IS wasn’t needed as our sliders are soooo smooth 😉 but I verified with Victor and Brian (who both shot all the Webinar media) and they confirmed that they did not use Image Stabilization for their slider shots.
      Hope that helps.


      • John Nguyen

        “they did not use Image Stabilization for their slider shots”
        meaning the lense they used have IS/VR and they intentionally turned it off?, If so they turned it off, Why? is the IS/VR downgrade the video quality?

        • Ian Nicholson

          Image Stabilisation tries to remove movement by counteracting the motion of the camera. When you place the camera on a slider or a tripod, you’re then moving the camera in a controlled manner. Not only is IS then redundant, but can actually introduce unnatural ‘wobbles’ into the picture as it tries to stabilise the movement.

  • Dave Cumming

    Regarding Image Stabilization, if a situation required shooting from a monopod, should you also keep the IS off, or would there be enough peripheral movement to make it useful? thanks, great series!

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