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We combined your feedback with our 13 years of manufacturing expertise to create our most intensively designed product ever.

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Horizen Slider

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Introducing Horizen

Features & Tips

Motion Control

Fluidic Drag Control

Adjustable Stops

Accessory Mount

100mm Integrated Bowl

100lb Weight Capacity


“First, let me just say how thrilled I am with this product. The shots I am getting are so smooth and consistent. This slider has already saved me so much time. It has eliminated the need to reshoot the same shot over and over to get one without wobbling or undesired changes in speed. It has also saved so much time in post-production by not having to warp stabilize my slider shots which I’ve had to do with previous sliders. In short, it’s worth it’s weight in gold.”

Anthony Androu


“Just amazing – what a solid bit of kit – I love it! Super smooth and the drag system is so clever! Thanks again for all your help – a very satisfied customer!”

-Tom Barnes


“Just finished a month-long job with the Horizen and we loved it. Flew all across the country with it and beat the crap out of it. We’re super impressed with the slider. Big camera packages with beefy ball heads and we haven’t had an issue yet. Very impressed.”       

-Daniel Dunn        

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