Post NAB 2012 + Media Recap

And we’re back! The Cinevate gang in attendance at NAB has safely returned and are back to our usual shenanigans. Hopefully you caught some of our updates via Facebook/Twitter from the show floor but if not we have got you covered.

In typical NAB fashion we introduced and teased some new and upcoming Cinevate offerings, including the new Axis Jib, Sony FS100 Rigs with interchangeable lens mounts and the much asked aboot Motion Control system for our family of sliders. A couple of those are available now in our NAB Sale (along with a bunch of other Cinevate goodies) or in the case of the Jib, available for pre-order. Check out the full list of promos including 40% Off our Durus Follow Focus, $50 Off Trawly, and a bunch more savings.

Cinevate NAB Sale

One of our favorite parts of NAB is running into old friends and making new ones and this year was no different. Old pals Matt and Kendal from FreshDV and Tony from NextWave teamed up to provide some extensive show coverage (found below).

For our friends in Quebec, en français, is a highlight from the guys at Final Cut MTL.

I know for certain there are a few interviews we did that haven’t surfaced online just yet but we’ll be sure to add them as they become available.

Pre-Order Cinevate's new Axis Jib

7 replies on “Post NAB 2012 + Media Recap

  • jacenK

    What are the details of the new shoulder rig mount- will there be a add-on for those of us that have the old Core rig?

    • Luke

      Hey Jacen
      The new shoulder pad actually arrived in the booth on Wednesday, a couple days late, as it was so new. Having said that, we’re very very close to a production run so we’ll have more information on pricing and add-on options real soon.

        • Luke

          I have seen some fairly successful attempts to do something like that. The current shoulder pad’s strength can also be its drawbacks in my opinion – plenty of points for articulation allows for a high level of customization for each individual/shoulder, but sometimes simpler is better :p The new simpler design uses the same shoulder pad, otherwise it’s completely new parts. Having said that, the new parts will be significantly less when it comes to pricing. Stay tuned :p

    • Luke

      Hello Umar,

      We’ve done some redesigns on the Jib since we showed the prototype back at NAB. Although this has delayed the final product we promise it is definitely worth the wait! We should be announcing final pricing and availability in the coming weeks. Stay tuned to our twitter, facebook, or for an announcement.

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