Nat Geo Filmmaker Adds Portable Motion Timelapse to Workflow

We were honoured to learn recently that John Stanmeyer added the Duzi Slider and Modo to his workflow. John, for those that don’t know, is a highly decorated filmmaker and photographer who travels the globe (often into hostile territories) on assignment for National Geographic. Appreciating the pace at which John needs to move, and how light he needs to keep his pack, the setup in the photo below makes a lot of sense. The Duzi with Modo – Drive is a portable and durable motion timelapse kit that eliminates the uneccessary amount of gear and time typically involved in capturing motion timelapses.

John Stanmeyer - Duzi Slider with Modo (Motion Timelapse)

John had some very flattering and logical reasons for adding the Duzi and Modo to his toolkit. You can read his original post here.

Modo - Motion Timelapse for the Duzi Slider