Morpheus Stabilizer Update – Sooo close!

Morpheus Stabilizer

Here is the latest update from our Morpheus Stabilizer Kickstarter project, as originally written and posted by Cinevate owner, Dennis Wood. 🙂

A very exciting day here. The modified top arch and wobble wheel mount bits arrived today. You’ll see the old version (where a magnet secured the wheel) vs the new version with a #6 brass threaded insert. All Morpheus Stabilizer units (with or without wheels kits) will get these modifications, so all you’ll need if you want to add wheels later, is the wheels themselves. You will also be able to mount other types of wheels if you’d like to experiment a bit – as long as they use single ABEC5 bearings. Wheels kits will include an extra four #6 threaded thumb screws to guarantee wheels cannot fall off with the new mounts. We’ve been working behind the scenes here on inexpensive motion control for the Morpheus, so a 50ft suspended cable time lapse for example will require wheels that are held on by threaded fasteners for safety. The new wobble wheel mounts with threaded inserts achieve a 4 gram weight savings vs the magnet insert versions.

Morpheus Stabilizer Wheels

The old wheel design vs the new and improved wheel design

You’ll also notice the top arch has the three magnets required for better control, quite evident in the clip above. This clip was done with no steering input other than the magnetic field steering control – in other words at no point did I touch the GoPro/top arch to go around corners.

It was our first shoot ever with the GoPro Black 3+, using the LCD Touch Screen and Skeleton back. This rig is crazy light at only 335 grams fully balanced! The grip is only 110 grams for a total of 445 grams in your hand. Might this be the lightest GoPro stabilized setup in existence? This clip taken today using the GoPro Black 3+ is right off the camera. Other than cuts and audio, it’s untouched footage using the default video “superview” mode at 30p. For those of you using this combination, there are no added weights – just the bare default Morpheus setup. Morpheus, in terms of steering precision, accuracy, and balancing, is noticeably better in the final glass reinforced composite.

Any pictures you see of Morpheus (including these ones) are now virtually identical to what you will receive. The only difference is that the shipped versions will have a matte, zero glare finish. This matte finish is the standard for all of our professional products where glare and/or any type of reflectivity is a bad thing. The mold surfaces are being treated using EDM (electrical discharge machining) which is used to achieve a finish that tooling cannot achieve. This should be done mid-week, meaning we can load the molds back into the press and start running production parts. In terms of timelines, it’s no longer months, but weeks until shipment.

Morpheus Stabilizer - For GoPro, Smartphone, and Small Cameras

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