Lights, Camera, Action – Nikon D4 Music Video

You may have heard us say this before but it’s absolutely true; our favorite part of NAB is seeing old friends and making new ones. One of the many folk we ran into was our old pal Bill Frakes of Straw Hat Visuals. Bill was featured in our Shooter Showcase series a couple years ago and you’ve likely seen some of his work appear on our site from time to time. Bill is a Sports Illustrated staff photographer and has received many accolades, including a Gold Medal from World Press Photo. Like many photographers, Bill has been transitioning and fusing his photos with video as the DSLRs have become tools for creating both formats. His latest offering comes in the form of a music video.

“Our concept for the video was simple — she is a beautiful woman with big dreams and immense talent. We wanted to harness her skills as a dancer and create a video where she is twirling in and out of a daydream, using the camera in various lighting situations to do that. For the most part, we lit her with a 2k light diffused with a Chimera Medium Quartz bank, but we also did a couple sequences with Lite Panels where power and space weren’t available.”

Some side lighting in this BTS shot

Behind the Scenes on Lights, Camera, Action

Karma B Flame strikes a pose while shooting the video

Bill employed our Atlas 200 Camera Slider for the silky-smooth dolly movements you see (which is one of the products featured in our NAB Sale in the Slider+Case combo). You can find out more about this shoot or stay up to date with Bill’s shoots and workshops at Straw Hat Visuals.

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  • Karma B. Flame

    Straw Hat Visuals is the BEST! Thank for shooting a wonderful part of me to share with the WORLD… =) Thanks for the opportunity Bill & Laura…Special Thanks to my producer MAMADO & My Make Up Artist Lisa Hershman & Hairstylists Tia Moore & Courtney Brown… Straw Hat Visuals thanks a bunch for giving the LISTENERS a sneak peak for the upcoming album “LIGHTS, Camera,ACTION!” from Railroad Records Swat Inc. … Once again thank you very much Bill & Laura for the opportunity I look forward to the future endeavors =)

    XoXo God bless you all!

    P.S Make sure Straw Hat Visuals Follows @SwatDeRaw on TWITTER!<3

    Love Karma B. Flame

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