You spoke, we listened.

We combined your feedback with our 13 years of manufacturing expertise to create our most intensively designed product, ever.



  • Integrated 100mm bowl center mount with 75mm option
  • Tripod center mount and integrated C-Stand mounts
  • Adjustable stops
  • Carriage locks anywhere on the rails via the precision disc brake
  • Fully integrated caged flywheel
  • Fully anodized solid CNC machined 60-61 aluminum
  • Stainless steel fasteners eliminates corrosion concerns
  • Positive lock washer/tiedown (Includes both Imperial and Metric tiedowns)
  • Quick-Stow All Terrain Legs
  • Fluidic Drag Control
  • Kevlar reinforced belt
  • Versatile accessory track mounting system
  • Enhanced camera sled stability profile
  • Integrated bubble level
  • 100LBS Capacity
  • 3FT Weighs 16LBS


Motion Control Add-On for Horizen

Suggested Add-Ons

Universal Accessory Mount
Grip Sticks (11,13,15 inches)
100mm Ball Head
Moco Motion Control

Impossibly precise slides, all done by hand.

Get your hands on our smoothest, strongest, most rigid slider.


"Just amazing - what a solid bit of kit - I love it! Super smooth and the drag system is so clever!"

– Tom Barnes