Filmmaker Goes ‘Over The Falls’ In Grip Reacher Review

Grip Reacher

Filmmaker Slavik Boyechko, of Video Dads, recently put the Grip Reacher through the paces in a very comprehensive review. The following clip is a collection of some of the unique perspectives that Slavik was able to achieve using the Grip Reacher grip arm.

Here is an excerpt from Slavik’s article…

For overhead shots, the Grip Reacher allowed me to shoot at 10mm without getting the tripod legs in the way. Cinevate is known for their durable equipment, and the knobs on the Grip Reacher tighten well enough that I could confidently let go of the camera for slide shots above a waterfall. At home I tried to replicating that kind of shot with a standard articulating arm extending from the slider, but it wasn’t nearly as stable and reassuring.

You can read the full review and see all the behind the scenes photos here.

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