Customer Showcase – LEGO™ Turing Machine

Alan Turing was a brilliant mathematician who helped define the theoretical model of the computer as we know it today. He was a visionary, one of the few people of his time who recognized the role the computer would play for humanity. Andre Theelen’s short documentary highlights a Turing Machine built with LEGO for the Center for Mathematics and Informatics (CWI) in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. It was constructed by Jeroen van den Bos and Davy Landman for CWI’s exposition ‘Turings Erfenis‘ in honor of the late Alan Turing’s 100th birthday (back on June 23rd).

Andre talks about the setup, including lighting and camera/lens choices on his Blog;

“Shooting took a whole day. Lighting the different setups took a lot more time than I expected. The main light source was a 4 x 85W florescent light with 70x100cm soft box which I placed about 1 meter above the subject. This provided sufficient light to blow out most of the white background while creating nice even lighting and soft shadows on the Turing Machine at the same time.

Customer Showcase: Lego Turing Machine

Andre checks his setup - the Panasonic AF101 on our Atlas 10 Camera Slider

You’ll notice some Cinevate toys in these pics, including the Atlas 10 camera slider and Durus Follow Focus. The Durus is featured in some of our Summer Sale rigs including the Core Package and DSLR Deluxe Rig at over $500 in savings.

Customer Showcase - LEGO Turing Machine

Andre does some clever flagging with his SmallHD case

Customer Showcase - LEGO Turing Machine

Andre grabs a LEGO close up on his Panasonic AF101

The video was already featured on Vimeo’s main page as well as a staff pick, so huge congrats to Andre for making such a slick and successful film. You can read even more about the shoot on his Blog, as well as find more information about the Turing Machine project and the CWI expo. And don’t forget, anyone can be featured in our Customer Showcase – just send a link to your video (along with any info and BTS pics if you have ’em) to

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