For this edition of our Customer Showcase we actually have a one-of-a-kind setup. We’re showcasing media from full-time photographer and beginning cinematographer Pascal Depuhl. Pascal’s been a photographer for years and, like a lot of pro photographers, he’s finding that more of his clients are looking to have him produce short movies about their products and services in addition to creating still photographs. As many photographers quickly find out – having your camera stationary on a tripod is fine, but doesn’t do much in the variety department. Enter Pegasus Carbon System. Pascal purchased the Pegasus a while ago but also picked up some of our discontinued ‘Cable Wheels’ and truly customized his slider. He’s put together a short BTS piece that he produced while shooting a video project for one of his clients, Meridian Yachts.


Pascal loved how smooth the Pegasus was but thought it might actually be too smooth. To provide friction and a controlled move he came up with the following;

“It can be hard to get a smooth shot out of Pegasus, because it runs so smooth with no friction what so ever. Well – I have a solution. I took the steel cable wheels, mounted them on the Atlas blocks I have and if you loop a rope from the left truck of the dolly, around the left wheel, around the right wheel and back to the opposite side of the truck – you get some nice friction, depending on how taught the rope is. You can also now pull Pegasus for a nice, smooth truck move, look at the camera movement in this short clip and the result of this is in the clip underneath”

You can check out Pascal’s body of work in either his photography site or his newer video site. I grabbed this fun video appropriately titled, Family Vacation (I’m sure you can guess what it’s about). I caught myself laughing a few times and it reminded me of my family videos and how camera technology has changed them dramatically.


So for all you Pegasus users out there I ask – is that something you’d try? Let us know. And for everyone else, you don’t have to customize your Cinevate gear to be featured in our Customer Showcase – just send your video link to and you could be featured next!

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