2 Reasons to Add Motion Timelapse to Your Workflow

There are plenty of good reasons why a filmmaker or photographer would add motion timelapse to their workflow. Some reasons might be for visual variety, to convey the passing of time, or just to make the overall piece more stylish. The following clips are two great reasons…

Both of these clips were shot be the extremely talented Victor Chimenti of Costal Productions. For the day timelapse Victor utilized his Sony a7S with the Duzi Slider and Modo – Drive. The night timelapse was captured using the Sony a7S again, but this time combined with Modo – Pan and Grip Reacher. As you can see from the behind the scenes shots, the Modo timelapse system doesn’t require any additional batteries, cables, or belts, which makes for a very compact and uncomplicated motion timelapse setup.

Victor Chimenti - Costal Productions

Filmmaker Victor Chimenti, of Costal Productions, puts in the time capturing another brilliant timelapse.