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And the winners are...

The winners were almost too close to call in some categories and as a result there are several honourable mentions, whom we will be contacting. The amount of work that went into these clips is truly staggering and most appreciated. All of us here at Cinevate loved watching them and commend everyone.

Winner: Cinematography
Manuel Hernandez-Stumpfhauser ipod encode here

Winner: Humour
Rob Whitlow ipod encode here

Winner: Sweat Equity
Confëttika ipod encode here

The contest is over but you can still tell us which one you liked.

Now available the Uno DSLR Rig

NEW Something
About Mary
ipod encode here

NEW Pirates
of The Caribbean
ipod encode here

NEW Braveheart
ipod encode here

NEW Raging Bull
ipod encode here

NEW Lord of
The Spoons
ipod encode here

NEW He's Just
Not That Into You
ipod encode here

ipod encode here

ipod encode here

ipod encode here

Star Wars
ipod encode here

Run Lolo Run
ipod encode here

ipod encode here

Wizard of Oz
ipod encode here

ipod encode here

Liar Liar
ipod encode here

Glen Ross
ipod encode here

The Matrix
ipod encode here

Christmas Story
ipod encode here

ipod encode here

Ace Ventura
ipod encode here

The God Taco
ipod encode here

Thelma and Louise
ipod encode here

The Return To
The Ring
ipod encode here

The Departed
ipod encode here


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aaron morrell
24 Dec 2009, 12:16
Where did this come from??? Uno looks really cool! Wanna see a breakdown about the rig! Nice to see you have different categories this time too.
Question, what is the deadline for submissions?
Dennis Wood
24 Dec 2009, 13:32
Aaron, Proteus Uno is something we've had under wraps here for some time now. It was designed to be the lightest, strongest, most flexible "single" rail support system that we could possibly envisage. You'll see the new mounting system used everywhere, including our Proteus DSLR rigs, Medusa (you'll see pics soon) and grips. Proteus Uno has been tested with everything from the tiny Canon SD980is cam, HG21 compact HD camcorder, Full DSLR cams, and even large HD camcorders. The video university segemtns on these products are coming...and they're all shipping January 14th (also end of the contest). The contest winners will have production units 3, 4 and 5 with their names CNC machined into the units :-)

Merry Christmas!
Dennis Wood
Francois Bordez
25 Dec 2009, 23:06
I'm not sure I get the contest rules correctly. The scenes has to be 1 minute max but does it have to be shot in 1 minute? Meaning no editing?


Dan Walter
26 Dec 2009, 11:13
Francois, you can edit your piece however you like. The entire duration of the scene needs to be 1 minute or less.

I hope this answers your question.

Ron Dawson
28 Dec 2009, 21:42
Does the whole video have to be 1 minute max, or can the scene be 1 minute, then there be a few extra seconds for credits?
Dan Walter
29 Dec 2009, 07:35
Hey Ron,

credits or no credits the piece should run a total of 1 minute max.


Jonathan Cribbs
29 Dec 2009, 22:45
Does the scene need to be a verbatim recreation, or can we switch some of the stuff around? Drop/add lines that sort of thing.
Dan Walter
30 Dec 2009, 07:47
Jonathan, you are more than welcome to drop/add lines. Feel free to be creative. The scene doesn't need to be recreated verbatim.
aaron morrell
30 Dec 2009, 08:08
Similar question. So you're saying its ok to create a spoof of a particular scene. I'm not trying to be redundant, just want to make sure before lots of effort goes forward. Thanks.
Dan Walter
30 Dec 2009, 08:26
Aaron, we appreciate the questions. Don't hesitate if you have any. It is ok to create a spoof.

George Renner
30 Dec 2009, 09:46
Hey! Even I didn't know about this!!!!!
dennis wood
30 Dec 2009, 10:45
George, "Uno" has been a well kept secret here. It's a departure from the usual sneak peak routine which you'll see more and more in our new product launches. There's another coming next week.

Steven Carubia
01 Jan 2010, 00:00

Is this contest open to Canadian residents?

Also, does the winner have to answer some sort of skill testing question or is winning simply enough?

Dan Walter
01 Jan 2010, 09:46
Steven, the contest is open to Canadian residents and there are no skill testing questions involved :)
05 Jan 2010, 13:40
what's about Europeans? I'm from Germany and would like to enter, but don't know if I'm allowed to enter and maybe win?

Dan Walter
05 Jan 2010, 14:59
GPSchnyder, all human entries from all geographic regions will be considered.
05 Jan 2010, 19:27
Sorry if I missed this somewhere, but when and where can be buy an Uno? Can't seem to find it on your site.

Thanks much,

Dan Walter
06 Jan 2010, 06:58
Nick, the Uno will be available for purchase once the contest ends. The submission deadline is January 14th and the winner will be announced before the end of January at which point the Uno can be purchased through the catalog online at

Hope this helps.
ofir lobel
10 Jan 2010, 01:40
this is an exact remake of the final scene from the popular movie "Thelma & Louise" shot with 5d mark2.
it was a very emotional shooting day and all the actors were very professional and dedicated.
dennis wood
11 Jan 2010, 22:13
Ofir, yes, and I nearly wet my pants watching it too. Hilarious.
Harris Porter
13 Jan 2010, 17:37
So is the deadline 11:59 PM January 14? Is there a time zone to accompany that?
Manuel Hernandez-Stumpfhauser
13 Jan 2010, 22:38
I just sent my video, hope you received it ok. I did a spoof of one of my favorite movies, Run Lola Run.
Dan Walter
14 Jan 2010, 07:36
Harris, you are correct. The deadline is 11:59 PM, January 14, Eastern Standard Time. I hope that helps.
dennis wood
14 Jan 2010, 09:12
If you're a few hours late, don't sweat it, we know there's a few time zones to deal with on the planet. Manuuel, we got your upload just fine :-)

Mark Araujo
14 Jan 2010, 14:00
Can't wait to see other's videos! I sold out the local Michael's craft store of felt and white foam core board trying to make an elevator lol.
dennis wood
14 Jan 2010, 14:02
Just make sure you're not mid-sip on a coffee etc. watching the clips. I can guarantee a nose fluid event if you do.
Harris Porter
14 Jan 2010, 14:34
Thanks, Dan, Dennis. Putting the finishing touches on my entry now.

Mark, I just built an elevator in my kitchen for another project. Looking forward to seeing your entry and everyone's.
Dennis Wood
19 Jan 2010, 13:26
I see Dan has the clips up! There's 24 entries at last count so prepare for some laughter.
JK Dibbets
19 Jan 2010, 14:37
Ace Ventura is my favorite so far. Even though the end is discusting. Would have been much more charming if the guy climbed all the way up to give this dodo a little worm or something. Or a redbull that would make it fly like an idiot haha.

But the shot on which he climbed past this background view was really nice. Filming climbing takes some serious effort and he even had a cut away for the dialog.
Ryan Breedon
19 Jan 2010, 18:12
Thelma & Louise is terrific!
Lillie Fitzpatrick
19 Jan 2010, 19:21
I like the god taco!
Dennis Wood
19 Jan 2010, 19:32
Aside from Dan, none of the Cinevate crew has seen all of the clips yet. If the balance of the 24 clips are as good as these (seriously, I was laughing so hard there were tears), then we're in for some serious mirth over the next week. I'm not alone in stating how impressed we remain over the level of creativity being demonstrated not just here, but everywhere we look. That's what we're all about.
Rory Barton
19 Jan 2010, 21:17
OMG God Taco! It's like puppets, but tacos. With Splatter! How'd they do that?
20 Jan 2010, 05:49
Godtaco waaaaaas pretty cool. Especially the voice and the first dead taco.
Dave J.
20 Jan 2010, 11:27
my favorites-
1.Thelma and Louise
2.The Departed

20 Jan 2010, 11:34
most of then are not dslr!!!
i liked Thelma and Louise most

20 Jan 2010, 18:45
The ace ventura one is the best one
20 Jan 2010, 23:58
Hi, I really liked the Thelma and Louise video!!!!!!! GREAT WORK!!!!
adam kaplan
21 Jan 2010, 01:55
it's amazing hilarious funny as hell
amit griffel
21 Jan 2010, 04:24
thelma and louise --- best short movie everrrr
aaron morrell
21 Jan 2010, 11:11
#1: Glengarry Glen Ross.
#2: Thelma and louise.
#3: Juno.

In my humble opinion.
adam kaplan
21 Jan 2010, 13:07
Thelma and Louise Is the most amazing and hilarious one. funny as hell! :)
Joe Norman
21 Jan 2010, 14:14
"Christmas Story" very fanny video.Now I know Patrick's true story. Thanks for video.My favourite!
dennis wood
21 Jan 2010, 16:45
The 2nd batch had me laughing out loud once again, but also impressed in terms of creativity. I was suprised to see a familiar face from Stillmotion's last workshop too :-) It's a small world we live in here.
steph cherri
22 Jan 2010, 08:37
LIAR LIAR! hands down my favorite!
Ken M
22 Jan 2010, 12:07
loved Liar, Liar and the matrix

24 Jan 2010, 01:17
My favorites are : Matrix, Thelma and Louis and Juno maybe Liar.

But I think Matrix is the best.
Dennis Wood
24 Jan 2010, 09:16
So GodTaco and Pepino (from our last DLSR contest). Same voice?
Curtis Jensen
25 Jan 2010, 11:30
Thelma and Louise with the Puppets. The Matrix one with the cardboard cut outs is okay too.
25 Jan 2010, 20:17
God Taco was voiced by our sound designer Dustin Chiocchi. He's the best in the west if you ask me. His collection of fart recordings is pretty amazing as well.
Adam Willis
26 Jan 2010, 17:21
Run Lolo Run is really well made, plus it looks great! I like the Terminator one as well, it fits in a really strange way. That, and the Glengarry one.

All very funny videos.
26 Jan 2010, 18:55
So far the videos are looking pretty good, but my favourite one is definitely Liar Liar! Everything about it is hilarious (the scene choice, the puppets, the fake elevator set, the music)! The stop motion title is pretty neat too!
Maclean Carlson
27 Jan 2010, 00:35
I really liked Ace Ventura, the toy bird was brilliant!

PS: Fun fact... Juno was shot at the exact same location as the film.
Nathan Allard
29 Jan 2010, 11:39
Great job on the videos.

#1. Goodfellas

#2. Samurai

#3. Glengarry Glen Ross

29 Jan 2010, 13:13
Nice videos! My vote definitely goes for Pirates
of The Caribbean!
Jason K.
01 Feb 2010, 18:15
Favourite 3:
Run Lolo Run - Most professional
There's Something about Mary - Most Funny
Thelma and Louise - Most odd

Great contest!
02 Feb 2010, 13:12
Ah, the suspense.

Seriously, I was really impressed with the work out there. There's tons of talent and creativity. Goodfellas was scripted well as was Glengarry. I had to watch Christmas story a few times but after getting the dialog I loved it. The kinda looks like Patrick. Run Lola run was done well. The fart scene was a bit, well you know....,but I still laughed! I learned tons too.
Vitaliy Gritsantchuk
03 Feb 2010, 13:56
Alan, thanks for comment. But unfortunately my video "Christmas story" not a winner. very pitifully :)
dennis wood
05 Feb 2010, 12:07
I just wanted to add here that it was really hard to pick 3 winners...really hard. I know how much went into entries that weren't selected and we've acknowledged each one of them privately (with some cool gear). This was a ton of fun for us, albeit a lot of work for Dan. Thanks Dan :-) Now if you're getting bored, stay tuned. Our next event is something you've never seen before.

Dennis Wood
04 May 2013, 06:59
Run Lolo run is the best!!!