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Stillmotion is a team of vision driven perfectionists constantly striving to create the perfect film. They are their own biggest critics, as team member Patrick Moreau explains, “People say, ‘it’s amazing, it’s awesome.’ Sure maybe it’s good but there is still more that we could do. That’s how we do our own work, that’s how we live our lives.” He adds, “Our best work - we have huge issues with it.”

This is not to say that Stillmotion’s work is anything less than exceptional. Industry professionals celebrate their creativity and vision. Stillmotion is grateful for the recognition. “We’re very fortunate that people feel inspired by what we do. We are dreaming, we are connecting and we are inspiring.”

“Cinevate is very passionate about what they do and so is Stillmotion. I think that Cinevate more than anything does what they do because they really love empowering people, they really love giving them different tools”. The tools Patrick speaks of include Cinevate’s Atlas 30 LTS - A camera tracking system that is modular, versatile and portable.

Cinevate is honored to be a part of Stillmotion’s creative vision, of their desire to SHOW THE WORLD.


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12 Jan 2010, 13:49
I love their work and can't wait to meet the crew at IN[FOCUS] next week!
patrick moreau
12 Jan 2010, 17:02
thanks to cinevate for having us be a part of this awesome get together as well as featuring our team. we had an amazing time and i think the collaboration will have benefits for years to come.

cinevate is amazing at bringing things together, whether that is ideas, a shooter and their vision, or a network of shooters. we appreciate all you do.

dennis wood
12 Jan 2010, 21:29
The only thing better than what happened last year, is what we can look forward to in this one. Patrick, our ability to bring new products as well as new relationships to life is largely due to the creativity and passion exhibited by folks like the Stillmotion team. We remain immensely satisified with the success of all of our customers and friends, whether they be sponsored professionals or just the person passionate about capturing their family memories. Not sure how Konrad fits into that description, but I know you guys and girls know what I'm talking about :-)

13 Jan 2010, 00:54
You have reinvented filming. Each video is a masterpiece, you are such talented people. Congratulations and wishing you all the best from Hungary.
Vitaliy Gritsantchuk (VITART)
13 Jan 2010, 07:17
Thanks for sharing your videos. Every video like small lesson. Merry Christmas :)
patrick moreau
13 Jan 2010, 17:48
vargacsabafoto - thanks for the wonderfully kind words. comments like that greatly inspire us in everything we do.

vitaliy - i am glad we can inspire you and push you to try new things and understand them in a different way.

18 Sep 2012, 19:08
By now you're probably fiailmar with the folks over at Visual Masterpiece. If you haven't seen their amazing Shooters Commentary pieces yet check out their first installment and the most recent. As an added bonus for those on the West Coast, specifically in the Tustin area, you should definitely check out their upcoming Workshop. There's less than a handful of spots left so if you're interested contact them right away. They run this week starting March 15th until the 17th. For full details and contact information check out their Blog.