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Ray Roman, like many great filmmakers, is a perfectionist. His style is systematic and meticulous – traits he developed earlier in life as a police detective and marine. “It’s the way I’ve been all my life. I’ve kind of been that guy who doesn’t like taking a backseat to anybody. I kind of do everything in my power to take myself to a level no matter what sacrifices need to be made.”

Ray’s success comes as no surprise to those who have seen his work. His fan base continues to grow as he is recognized internationally for his films. Through all of this Ray remains humble and appreciative. “I’m very grateful for everything that I’ve got. I just want to continue to give back to the industry because it’s given me a lot.”

Cinevate’s Pegasus and Atlas camera sliders were built with certain design principles in mind, design principles that Ray feels were achieved in the final product. “It seemed with the slider, ever time you used it, every shot was solid. Hands down, every shot is solid”.

Cinevate is honored to be a part of Ray Roman’s creative vision, of his desire to SHOW THE WORLD.


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Fer Rodriguez
01 Dec 2009, 14:14
Hey Ray Roman! I really like your work, you've ispired me to go on, film making came to be my new passion, thanks man!!

Fer Rodriguez
Ray Roman
01 Dec 2009, 14:37
I keep forgetting these videos get released to the world (hence the goofy part at the beginning..gotta watch that next time). Seriously, what an honor to be showcased by Cinevate. These tools have dramatically enhanced my films and I couldn't imagine shooting an event without my favorite's off the chain!! Thanks again Cinevate!!
Dennis Wood
01 Dec 2009, 22:42
Ray, your attitude with regard to getting things done is a big part of your success. The intro to the lambo clip we posted on this page is completely priceless :-)

With regard to being featured, the pleasure is ours.

Christian Gonzales Pacheco (PHOTOGRAPHY)
02 Dec 2009, 10:40
Hi Ray Roman, I congratulate you on your work is fun and witty, of course that all work tools are very efficient but your artistic side completes the work on stage, I hope to keep learning from your experience, your team greetings, Christian
17 Dec 2009, 10:53
Very beautiful. If you want the wedding video look cinevate is the way to go for sure!
Maribeth Ratajczyk
02 Mar 2010, 23:33
Ray, I really liked your comments about HOW you work.

I appreciate your talent, the detail and thought in all the aspects of the video. :) I like it!