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Hedron Slider with Fly-Wheel Bundle

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Hedron is a premium slider that delivers smooth slider shots, under heavy payloads, vertically or horizontally, manually or electronically, each and every time.

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The Hedron Slider with Fly-Wheel

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  • The Hedron Slider is used as a camera dolly on the set of the Maltese Guinea Pig
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Filmmakers are storytellers, and how they choose to tell a story is conceived as a unique vision. In realizing this vision, creativity and innovation abound.

Over the years Cinevate has been blessed to know many of you in the filmmaking community. Through these relationships, you’ve instilled great insights, which have allowed us a glimpse into your creative minds. Call it insight, or call it plain old feedback, whichever you choose; we’ve poured every ounce of it into Hedron.

The Hedron Slider is the culmination of years of customer input, product research and development. Hedron is a premium slider that delivers smooth slider shots, under heavy payloads, vertically or horizontally, manually or electronically, each and every time. In short, Hedron is one less thing you have to worry about on your shoot.

Along with the Hedron Slider comes an evolved line of add-ons, aimed at expanding the physical possibilities for filmmakers alike. Each new add-on brings a new perspective, through which to convey your vision.

All of us at Cinevate feel honoured to have been included in the storytelling process of so many filmmakers. We’re excited and looking forward to being part of many more.

Really? Another Slider?

Why did we make another slider? Because we wanted to make a better slider. By “better slider”, we mean a slider that’s quieter and smoother than its predecessors; a slider that is lighter yet stronger; a slider that is simple in design and operation, however, able to achieve complex movements with extreme precision.

Made in Cinevate

Hedron was built from the ground up using only proprietary components. This process gave us maximum control over the design and the development of Hedron, which ensured we were delivering the absolute best product.

Heavy Metal Lover

Cinevate’s tradition of producing apocalypse-proof gear has been honoured in Hedron. Solid CNC machined aluminum, reinforced steel drive belts, and stainless steel fasteners are standard fare throughout.

With a 40 lbs weight capacity, Hedron will comfortably support your rig.

Emotion through motion control

Cinevate’s advanced motion control system, Moco, is fully integrated into the design of the Hedron Slider, making it faster and easier to capture timelapse, real time motion and stop motion, with macro precision.

Using the same motor, vertical and angled motion timelapse shots are now possible with rigs up to 25 lbs.

The Fly-Wheel

The Fly-Wheel enables consistent and smooth movement, that ramps in and out seamlessly, allowing you to use the start and finish of every shot, every slide.

A Balanced Approach

Vertical, angled, or horizontal slider shots are achieved effortlessly when using the Counterbalance add-on.

Combine this with Moco, and you can shoot that vertical timelapse shot you had in mind, using your camera and rig up to 25lbs.


  • 40 lbs weight capacity (18 kg)
  • Crafted from CNC machined aluminum and stainless steel
  • Available lengths: 2', 3', 4', 5' (61 cm, 91 cm, 122 cm, 152 cm)
  • Carriage locks anywhere on the rails via the disc brake system
  • Center and side mounting tripod, and c-stand, options
  • Integrated Bumpers on End Blocks
  • Cinevate's smoothest slider ever
  • Micro adjusting urethane ball feet
  • Micro adjustable rollers for maximum precision of slides
  • 100% proprietary technology
  • 50% increased rigidity
  • Virtually silent
  • 1.7 lbs lighter than the Atlas 10 Camera Slider
  • Fully scalable with all add-ons working simultaneously

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Product Review by John Benam

"The smoothest slider i've yet to use. The engineering of the Hedron is solid, sleek and allows for consistent slides. i've had the chance to use the Hedron with a fully built fs700 rig and fully built epic dragon. The Hedron slider handled the rigs, without adding any vibration or unwanted movement you can get from other sliders.. the counter weight makes sliding shots a breeze. i especially noticed how well the hedron works on set for an interview with Aldon Smith from the 49ers. I had the Hedron mounted on two tripods and shot on a fs700 with 70-200. i was able to make smooth effortless slides at the end of the 70-200 with out any jitters, the Fly-Wheel helps the slide come to a smooth stop and helps doing extremely slow moves.. hands down my favorite slider!!! "

Vinny Minton
Imperial Video


"I really enjoyed using the Cinevate Hedron, I can’t speak highly enough of the flywheel, it really does well in smoothing out human error. Cinevate market this as the one take wonder slider, and you can really see why. Just make sure you buy a bag that’s big enough to house the lot. Removing the flywheel after every shoot is cumbersome.
The size and weight was a little over board for my style of shooting, but this was good grounds for the review as it proved that this large heavyweight slider can be manoeuvred quickly and efficiently, and operable from one sturdy tripod."

Tim Fok


"I wanted to do longer dolly-like moves so we opted for a 5 foot unit to get the longest range possible. The film features an almost entire child cast so we planned for shorter days. During our biggest day, the classroom scene, we had to save as much time as possible as the 17 extras would become increasingly difficult to wrangle. While I originally pictured a long dolly in the scene, we just didn’t have the time to lay track and level it. Luckily, the Hedron slider was setup in seconds and gave us more than enough travel for what I wanted to achieve."

Luke Grandmont


"Filmmakers know that the right camera move, well designed and executed not only raises production value but helps tell the story. Working on my latest short film entitled Garsc Ziemi (A Handful of Soil) I needed to get a few precise slider shots that were key to the visual storytelling of the film.

Using the new Cinevate Hedron with the Flywheel configuration I was able to pull off the shots I needed with minimal effort. I was very impressed with how easy the flywheel made it possible to execute a slow, smooth and precise move every time."

Piotr Skowronski
Imaginarium Video


"Hedron takes it up a notch with their flywheel system. I've never seen anything so smooth and consistent."

Alan Auld
Imagine Photo Cinema


"Up until this time, most of my starts and stops have always been left on the cutting room floor. No more. With just a slight push and start-up of the slider with a single finger or nudge, the motion is smooth enough to use. Normally the start of a move is abrupt and awkward. The “fly wheel” answers that. Bottom line…this slider works."

John Benam
Benam Films Inc.


Hedron Specifications (36" length):

  • Weight: 10 lbs (4.55 kg)
  • Physical Length: 38" (96.5 cm)
  • Width: 10.5" (27 cm)
  • Height: 10.5" (27 cm)
  • Width (legs stowed): 6.5" (16.5 cm)
  • Height (legs stowed): 3" (8 cm)

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