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Streaming Canon XL1 Configuration

Streaming Canon XL1 Configuration

New postby Paul Morralee on Fri May 29, 2009 3:54 pm

The Canon XL1 has been my corporate video production workhorse but now has been retired to streaming duty. Here you can see the basic setup using the camera and lap top mounted on rails. Streaming has become a viable alternative for some of my clients and so i invested in; a Proteus cage, a Proteus rail system with 45 cm carbon rails, and for the computer platform; one universal rails block to mount on the rails, and attached to the rail block is a disassembled top plate from the Proteus cage and fixed to that is the Proteus clamps. For the first round of experimentation in the field, i had the laptop atop the Proteus cage, but could not access the computer effectively. Now the computer is within range for operation in the current configuration. Note that three wireless microphones are not attached to the cage, plus a monitor, but for display i have stripped away the wires and shown you the set up. Regarding the streaming, internet connections and process was simple. Using my MacBook Pro laptop and connecting to WiFi i proceeded to the streaming website. I have been using as my choice to web-stream. Its simple to use, create an account, name your show with logo and text details, and broadcast. You can also during broadcast, record the streaming video, so that others can view later. The Ustream program allows you to add titles on the fly, adjust audio bit rate, and video frame rate too. Fixing your website to stream your video is just as simple. With one line of code copied from your Ustream account, you can insert the streaming window into any web-page. The effects of this technology in the hands of every video production company is an asset, giving you further opportunity to maximize the message of your client to the masses in a few clicks. If you have any further questions let me know.
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Re: Streaming Canon XL1 Configuration

New postby Jon Wolding on Fri May 29, 2009 8:10 pm


I'd like to know your streaming setup... what programs or services you use, etc.
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