Win an Axis Jib (and other great prizes!)

That’s right! We’re giving away one of our brand new Axis Jibs! Well, technically we’re not giving it away, but rather our pals over at Borrowlenses are. They’re running a huge promotion to celebrate their new east coast expansion by giving away prizes like a new Canon 5D Mk III, a Nikon D800 and other great stuff from Adobe, Lexar, The Music Bed, creativeLive, and more. You’ll want to enter both via Facebook as well as Twitter since both offer different prizes and retweeting qualifies you for even more winning potential! So you wanna enter on twitter? Here’s how;

Borrowlenses' East Coast Expansion Giveaway - Full Details

1. Follow @BorrowLenses on Twitter
You must follow @BorrowLenses before you enter.

2. To enter, tweet what photo/video gear you want to rent this year from Your tweet must include the words “@BorrowLenses #EastCoastExpansion”

3. Multiple entries are OK! Each tweet you make will count as an entry. Be sure to include “@BorrowLenses #EastCoastExpansion” in your tweets.

For example: I’d love to rent a @cinevateinc axis jib this year from @BorrowLenses #EastCoastExpansion

If you share and retweet the contest you’ll also be entered to win even more great prizes! Head over here to enter – Win a @cinevateinc Axis Jib & other great prizes via @BorrowLenses #EastCoastExpansion Giveaway!

Make sure to check out Borrowlenses’ blog post explaining the finer details, including the different ways to enter and all of the goodies up for grabs. Don’t forget, there are even more prizes you can win if you share and retweet.

Entering to win a free Jib should be a no-brainer, but if you need more convincing check out our latest episode of Ask Cinevate featuring the Axis Jib.

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7 Responses to Win an Axis Jib (and other great prizes!)

  1. Jennifer Jackson says:

    I would love to win

  2. Denis Krasko says:

    It could be a very good present 4 my friend if I win.

  3. Brian Murphy says:

    It’s awesome to see the progress and expansion! And I too would love an Axis!!

  4. Spectacular prizes!!!

  5. I guess that only people from the USA can enter?

    • Luke says:

      Anyone can enter, but I believe that winners outside of the United States have to pay for the shipping of their prize.

  6. Laura Vara says:

    I guess some dreams do come true. Thank you so much for sharing this giveaway with us, even if it is the guys of Borrowlenses who are having the giveaway., it is in fact your product. I am so excited, and really hope I win, but at the end, whoever wins is one very, very, VERY lucky contestant.