Webinar: Discover Your Inner-Filmmaker Video

Last week we ran our first webinar (live & free no less) for photographers starting to dabble in the video mode of their HDSLRs. We featured a few filmmaking tips focusing on shooting video with gear you already own. The webinar was targeted at Photographers interested in shooting video with their DSLR camera, Photographers shooting DSLR video on a budget and Photographers looking to offer video services to their clients.

You saw Victor on camera explaining some simple ways to employ video using gear you already own while Brian and I were in the chat answering questions. We can’t transcribe the chat conversation but if you do have any questions feel free to post in the comments. For those who found it helpful, you’ll be happy to know we’re already talking about our next webinar, focusing on, well, focusing. If you’d like to see other topics covered let us know!

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15 Responses to Webinar: Discover Your Inner-Filmmaker Video

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  2. Joe says:

    Great video for a beginner like me! Thanks a bunch!

  3. David says:

    Love the video! keep up the great work.

  4. Michael summers says:


    Great video/webinar. I was wondering if you guys could touch on encoding hdslr footage. I am working with a pc and I read that with Mac systems you can encode to apple pro res to make the editing process easier. Is there something similar for the pc? Well I guess the question is…how do you encode the quicktimes files (t2i) step by step? And which codec is best for pc with adobe premiere pro?

    • Luke says:

      Hey Michael,

      Glad you enjoyed! We’re always looking for suggestions for future webinars, so hopefully we can include this in a future session.

    • Victor Ha says:

      Hey Michael,

      Victor here… Just realized you guys were asking questions!!! Anyway, the basic answer for this question is…. on a PC using Premiere Pro, you dont have to worry about transcoding! One of the major key features of Premiere Pro is that it will allow you to work with footage shot from a T2i natively without transcoding. Pretty cool huh? There are some advanced features that you can mess around with when you export the video, but I can address that in an email if you wanna email me. Hope that helps!

      The webinar guy.

    • pball says:

      Michael – there are many programs that don’t force you to transcode video before editing. Premiere is one and Sony Vegas is another (my personal favorite!). Sony Vegas allows you to takes most video/picture/sound files and drop them right onto the timeline for editing without the need to transcode anything. That is one thing about Final Cut I can’t stand.

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  6. rick says:

    Great info for the beginner. I hope you all can start working with the Nikon D7000, D4 and D800. They have some amazing video/movie capabilities that prove that DSLR video isn’t just for canon shooters. I know you can’t show them all, but if you could include a Sony, or Nikon product, I’m sure you will get more fans on this site.

    • Luke says:

      Hey Rick,

      Thanks for the feedback. We’ll definitely try to include different cameras as we get our hands on them. Victor used his personal 5D for this webinar, though we’re hoping to get our hands on a D4 soon.

    • Victor Ha says:

      Hey Rick!

      Thanks for the comment! I just realized you guys were asking questions here! Anyway, I’ve put in requests to Nikon to have some loaner bodies sent our way for content creation and hands-on experience. I would love to use some of these cameras in future webinar content. Let’s hope they get back to me sooner rather than later!

      Thanks for the suggestion!

      The webinar guy.

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  8. Gipukan says:

    Hey, just saw the web vids. Good info. Already knew most but still interesting enough to see. ps i have the eos 7d and an array of lenses. made my own follow focus and stil working on a diy viewfinder. thanx Rob

  9. Billy Jackson says:

    Hey! Could you guys do a webinar on steady cams like the Glidecam? With so many new videographers using these it would be really good for me to understand not only how to use them, but also when they are useful and when they should not be used.

    I think it may be a fun easy webinar and I want to know about this. (I have a glidecam 2000 on its way to me right now)


    Billy Jackson

  10. charan says:

    Hi Victor,

    Your presentation on cinematography is marvellous. I had watched all your episodes, learned much out of it. I am an independent film maker and made few short films. Currently I am planning a low budget feature film in bollywood which would start in the month of November 2014. Currently I am doing a horror/comedy short film. I hope you would give few techniques on lighting and camera movement.

    Thanking You,