Watch the New Axis Jib Video

Our much talked about, highly anticipated Axis Jib is finally here! We started teasing the Jib prototype back at NAB 2012 and after much testing and a few modifications you can now get one for yourself. Have a gander at the launch video and find the specs and features below;

The Axis Jib is the ideal tool for industry professionals looking for a jib they can rapidly deploy and operate in minutes. The single tube design not only eliminates pinch points during setup and use but also makes for an incredibly strong and rock-solid support. This stiffness lends to the Axis’ ability to comfortably hold 50 lbs, covering anything from the 5D Mk III all the way up to a fully-loaded Arri Alexa. Even with a heavy payload the Jib’s movement is smooth and consistent. Furthermore, the Axis aids in repeatability with its pan and tilt dry-erase marker rings.

The Axis drops into any 100mm tripod while the front end accepts 100mm tripod heads. The Axis Jib’s 100mm bowl indexes at 90 degrees allowing you to mount your tripod head at various angles to gain unique perspectives. The center yoke of the unit holds the pan and tilt locks as well as a variety of cheese holes for accessory mounting. The back end of the Jib features a handle to accept common weight sizes as well as a 2 lb trim weight which easily slides along the Jib tube for fine-tuning of the balance. These time saving features, along with its maintenance free operation and use, make the Axis Jib a must have for any serious filmmaker.

Axis Jib raises up the Canon C300

Film students from our local college recently stopped by to check out the Axis and try out their new Arri Alexa. Needless to say everyone had a great time putting these two beasts together. The kids will have their new Jib shortly and we can’t wait to see what they come up with.

Axis Jib rocks the Arri Alexa

You can find the Axis Jib listed in our catalog at $2,299.00 which includes the Jib, 100mm bowl, tie-down handle, weight handle, soft carrying case and the 2 lb trim weight. The first run of Jibs will be available in limited quantities so act fast. New orders will begin shipping January 14th, 2013.

Behind-the-Scenes on Axis Jib Video

Behind-the-Scenes on Axis Jib Video

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11 Responses to Watch the New Axis Jib Video

  1. John Bailey says:

    Looks fantastic. I want one.

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  3. Tyson Banks says:

    Great work, guys! I’m very interested in this! However, I couldn’t find any info on the length of the jib once its broke down for transport, or its weight. I fly a lot so portability is really important to me. Thanks!

    • Luke says:

      Hey Tyson,

      Great point. I’ll add this information to the description – in the mean time;
      The Jib weights 27 lbs without a tripod head or weights on it. The total length is 214 cm (84.5 inches). This is split into two pieces for transporting as you see in the video. The front/longer portion is 127 cm (50 inches) and the back 68.5 cm (27 inches). The difference in length is the 100mm Bowl, but it packs into the included case at an angle. The case that the Jib comes with is 63″ long and comfortably fits all of the included components. We’ll be updating the listing with a photo of the bag shortly.


  4. Chi says:

    Does it have a vertical break? And also, how can you attach a field monitor at the end? Will it follow the camera movement or will be at a fix position?

    • Luke says:

      Hey Chi

      Great questions. The Jib has both vertical and pan locks. There are also several 1/4-20 threads to mount accessory arms for a monitor (at the back of the jib, as well as the center yoke of the jib) – We will be updating the Jib listing with photos of this as well as covering in a technical video coming soon. The internal mechanism of the Jib keeps the 100mm bowl at the from level with the horizon. Hopefully that helps, but don’t hesitate to ask more questions.


  5. says:

    Does the centre pan/tilt section of the jib have a spirit bubble built in?
    Also, is the mechanism inside the tube silent and does it need any

    • Luke says:

      Hey Paul,

      Great questions. There is a spirit bubble included exactly where you’ve guessed. We’ll be adding more photos of the Jib soon and I’ll be sure to include a shot of this to clarify. The internal mechanism does run silent and will not require regular maintenance. If you have any more questions just let us know.


  6. Azariah Oldacre says:

    This Jib looks amazing! I like how all the products work so well with each other. The Jib to the slider, and how you can reverse the mount on the jib, and have your camera below for a better angle. I bought a jib, and i have to purchase items from home depot in order to mount my camera form the bottom of the jib head. But, that was before I came across your website. Well, lets just say, I know what I’m getting for an early birthday. Keep at it guys, love the craft, you won a customer.

    • Luke says:

      Thanks for your kind words Azariah! We couldn’t be happier with the Axis Jib and the new video. Stayed tuned for more video and imagery with more Jib details soon.

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