VFX Before-and-After Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes with ImaginariumOur pals at Imaginarium have just released a companion video to their latest commercial video for local phone/internet/cable provider, TbayTel.  Just in time for Christmas, it’s a fun, light-hearted video featuring a whack of visual effects (composited by RennerVFX). Here’s a quick background on the videos from Imaginarium;

The idea was simple enough, some elves handling and prepping seemingly giant cellphones in the comfort of Santa’s workshop far off in the North Pole, ultimately revealing the entire environment contained within a snow globe. This was going to require some movie magic. We decided that a three dimensional virtual set was the way to go. Live action was shot at Imaginarium Studios in Thunder Bay, Ontario on an enormous greenscreen cyc.

And the final product.

Imaginarium of course is responsible for our most popular video to date – the Pegasus + Coffee Shop video with behind-the-scenes footage which features lots of BTS goodness. You can also find the Pegasus at a discount during our Fall Rebate Special.

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