Tracking Shots Ep.3 – Jeremy Stenberg vs. Gravity

Travis Valtierra of Rockstar Energy Drink is at it again in episode 3 of Tracking Shots. This week’s video separates itself from previous installments with a documentary approach as it profiles professional freestyle motorcross rider, Jeremy Stenberg.

Travis’ gear list is as follows;

Canon 7D
Canon XF305 – action only

16-35mm L series
24-70mm L series

Atlas 10 Camera Slider with vertical kit + Matthews head and riser kit.
Matthews C-Stand arms with grip heads
Manfrotto carbon tripod with 504 head
Pegasus Carbon System with All Terrain legs

Jeremy Stenberg + Bike Rig

Some inventive rigging here using Matthews grip arms and Cardellini Clamps

Counterweight and whatever was handy

A common counterweight question: What do you put in it? Answer: Whatever's handy

Atlas 10 with Vertical Kit 1

Atlas 10 and a 7D ready for some vertical shots


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3 Responses to Tracking Shots Ep.3 – Jeremy Stenberg vs. Gravity

  1. George says:

    I can one up this. How bout:
    RennerVFX tracking Cinevate LTS tracking shots. 😀
    Too much tracking!!!

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