Tracking Shots Ep. 21 – Rack Attack

Our pal and Tracking Shots regular Adam Colton has been busy on his latest production for LoadedBoards. Adam is known for capturing his fast moving subjects while maintaining an impressively sharp focus despite using the notoriously shallow depth-of-field DSLRs. Adam sent over the following video along with some insight into exactly how he (and his focus puller) manage to keep these boarders in focus.

“Breaking out of our classic films style a bit. For a while we were heavy in use of the Cinevate Atlas FLT and Atlas 10 sliders to capture skating. Now we’re really exploring long lens shots with the Canon 7D and Canon 28-300mm lens paired with the Cinevate Durus Follow Focus. Every long lens shot in this video pretty much has a bit of a focus roll. Doing focus rolls or rack focuses while shooting longboarding has its challenges. We are not in a studio environment where a subject is hitting marks or the subject is well lit and stationary. We are dealing with a fast moving subject who is never really hitting the same lines/path each time they’re doing the trick. To help us get a crisp focus we usually give ourselves some breathing room shooting between f5 – f10. Sometimes the focus rolls work better then others, it’s just a bit of luck and what kind of trick is being captured. On top of this my bud, Stokow (the one pulling focus) has to deal with the camera moving very fast and every which way. We do a lot of tight shots and there are a bunch of quick pans to catch the rider and keep up with him throughout his slide. Filming longboarding with a follow focus and long lens really helps bring the action to the viewer, it has a nice cinematic look and it is just something different that we are exploring and having fun with.”

Loaded Boards Behind-the-Scenes

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2 Responses to Tracking Shots Ep. 21 – Rack Attack

  1. ryanlundy says:

    not bad on the video

  2. Very nice video. Nice work. Really good editing.