Tracking Shots Ep.16 – Return of the Rockstar

Our Tracking Shots series started off almost exclusively with content from Travis Valtierra featuring slick slider shots of extreme sports athletes in action. Happily, he’s back with more slider goodness from his Rockstar webseries ‘Todd Potter Is…‘. Eight episodes in, Todd Potter “is an episodic series that will give you an inside perspective on Todd’s life. This series will take you from where he trains every day to an inside look of him competing at X Games.” You can watch the finale here and catch up on the series on Rockstar’s youtube channel.

2 Camera setup on sticks and Pegasus Carbon System mounted on C-Stands


Pegasus + C-Stand combo again, notice the placement of sandbags for stability

Atlas 10 slider centre mounted on a Manfrotto combo

Atlas 10 goes vertical

Travis pushes in using an Atlas 10 and SmallHD monitor

2 camera setup for Todd interivew

More Atlas 10 fun

Canon 7D
Canon XF305

16-35mm L series
24-70mm L series
Zeiss CP.2s

Atlas 10 Camera Slider with vertical kit + Matthews head and riser kit.
Matthews C-Stand arms with grip heads
Manfrotto carbon tripod with 504 head
Pegasus Carbon System with All Terrain legs


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