Tracking Shots Ep.14 – Casey at the Bat

As busy as Casey and Danielle of MINDCASTLE have been they still manage to sneak out some solid media to us more often than we could ask. This time around they’ve shared behind-the-scenes images from their MLB World Series shoot. I can’t even imagine undertaking as large an event as the World Series but it sounds like these two managed pretty well and had a blast doing so. Judging from these images I’d wager that Casey and Danielle had free reign over the stadium to capture what they needed. Casey added that they weren’t exactly working alone; “Basically when we shoot at the World Series, Danielle and I work closely with a tight knit team of producers and the two staff cinematographers who are all part of MLB Productions. Our goal as a team is to gather as much “cinematic” content as possible.. i.e shots that help motivate the story forward and shots that convey the emotion of the game.”

Game on - MINDCASTLE at the World Series

I asked Casey about workflow and managing media, which I assumed would be a huge nightmare, but he said it wasn’t as bad as you’d think. “On location all the footage is offloaded to hard-drives and then it gets overnighted via a courier to MLB headquarters where a team of editors and loggers ingest the footage and begin to start crafting rough cuts of each game. To create the final World Series film, they use a combination of footage from the broadcasted games, the footage we shoot, and the footage from MLB Network cinematographers as well the interviews that are captured throughout the series. Approx 7 days later after the last game of the series the framework of the story is crafted a cut of the film is ready to view. Shortly after that it goes to post and the blu-rays and DVD’s are then created.”

Nosebleed seats aren't so bad when you have an 800mm

Casey grabs some crowd shots from the field

Some pre-game slider shots via Atlas 30 (on c-stands)

Danielle gets her hands on the Atlas 30 for some B-roll

More B-roll but this time from a different perspective

Captured from the Heli using a Simplis Dual to help support

It's not all baseball for the World Series shoot

Casey and Danielle go rural to collect some additional footage

Cardinals take the field (and the series) and Casey's right in the mix

Since the final video is actually available for purchase we can’t share it here, but you can find more information or purchase it off here.  You can also check out MINDCASTLE’s blog to keep up on their adventures. Worth noting as well is that Casey’s favorite (and much used) slider, the Atlas 30, is currently part of our massive Slider Sale (30% off!!!) until February 8th.

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