Tracking Shots Ep.13 – Downhill Duel

Episode 13 marks the first edition of Tracking Shots for 2012 and who better to start the new year than veteran Tracking Shots contributor, Adam Colton. Adam of Loaded Boards has shared their latest longboarding video, featuring riders Ethan Cochard and Max Watson. I can’t pretend to know much about longboarding but with each video they share I’m more intrigued to give it a shot. As is par for the course, these guys have some insane moves and pull it off effortlessly.  Naturally, you’ll see some slick Atlas 10 shots in there as well as some of the ‘high-speed-human-dolly’ variety.

With this video comes one of my favourite BTS pics of all time. When you don’t have apple boxes or a ladder you improvise. In the 2nd pic you’ll notice an angled Atlas 10 with the camera leveled appropriately using a Benro Ballhead. Traditionally we’ve offered Manfrotto bits to do this but we’ll be offering both Manfrotto and Benro pieces as options for our sliders in the next couple weeks – stay tuned.

Officially my favorite BTS pic of all time

Atlas 10 slider catches some slidersLoaded Boards used the following gear:

Cameras: Canon 5D, Canon 7D

Lenses: 24-70mm f2.8 L-series, 28-300mm

Manfrotto 536 4-Section Carbon Fiber Tripod
Atlas 10 Camera Slider

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