Tracking Shots Ep.11 – Breathe featuring Amanda Powell

One of my favourite Tracking Shots to date is the ‘High-Speed Human Dolly’ piece from the guys at Loaded Boards. Happily, they’re back again with another killer video this time featuring pro longboarder, Amanda Powell. Adam Colton, who’s been putting our Atlas 10 slider to good use, had the following concept for the video;

“Amanda and I had fun and tried out an abstract video idea we hope you enjoy. Amanda Powell gets into her Ferrari and drives offs. A tragic misfortune brings her to a world she does not fully understand. The interpretation is entirely left up to you.”

We felt it achieved a dream-like feel with Adam’s choices in color grading as well as the use of some pretty interesting effects (check out the 2:20 marker for one of the examples). You really get an idea of the color grading choices Adam made as well when comparing the BTS shots (below) to the final look of the video.

Amanda Powell gets comfy with Atlas 10

Atlas 10 for some Tracking Shots action

Amanda Powell breezes by in this shot of 'Breathe'

Loaded Boards used the following gear:

Cameras: Canon 5D, Canon 7D

Lenses: 24-70mm f2.8 L-series

Manfrotto 536 4-Section Carbon Fiber Tripod
Atlas 10 Camera Slider with vertical kit

And for an added Tracking Shots bonus – check out the Loaded Motion Video Contest for details on how to win an Atlas FLT!

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6 Responses to Tracking Shots Ep.11 – Breathe featuring Amanda Powell

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  2. Cas says:

    Nice shots indeed.
    Wicked skater!!!
    Hope you picked up you slider and tripod you left @ 01:46 (-;

  3. Ben says:

    What was the in camera effect used at 2:20?? Looked amazing!

  4. Gold Coast Longboards says:

    I like that. You are using the Atlas 10 Camera Slider while watching a longboarder doing a sliding maneuver.

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