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Designing Your Visuals to Serve the Story

Garsc Ziemi

As a cinematographer it’s important to design a visual approach and aesthetic well before pressing the record button on set. After all, film is a visual medium and how you ‘show’ the story on screen has tremendous impact on the … Continue reading

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Graduating from Zoom-ins and Outs

Camera Movement

A zoom lens is incredibly practical when you are framing up a shot. It gives you a tremendous amount of flexibility to capture a variety of focal lengths from a fixed position. But how often have you actually seen a … Continue reading

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Riding the Rails – Nikon’s Moving Pictures

Riding the Rails - Nikon's Moving Pictures

Whether you shoot Nikon, Canon or another brand, there will always be something new to learn. The tools may change (and they often do) but the fundamentals tend to stay the same. Luckily, the amount of resources online are steadily … Continue reading

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Webinar: Basic Camera Movement

Webinar: Camera Movement

This ongoing webinar series is dedicated to teaching photographers the skills they need to create compelling HDSLR video. In this chapter, join Victor as he teaches you how to increase the production value of your film projects by adding simple … Continue reading

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