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Smoooth Sale-ing During The Cinevate Slider Sale!

Cinevate Slider Sale

For the month of December we’re offering some great savings on our premium slider line, including the Hedron Slider and the Atlas 200 Slider. Hedron Camera Slider Hedron is a premium slider that delivers smooth slider shots, under extreme payloads, … Continue reading

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Cinevate Moco – Motorized Slider + Timelapse Slider + Stop Motion Slider

Moco - Cinevate Motion Control Sliders

Moco is finally here! We are happy to bring motion control to our entire family of camera sliders. Moco is a sophisticated system that gives experienced shooters and timelapse rookies (like myself) the ability to perform advanced camera movements across … Continue reading

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Stillmotion + RED Epic BTS

Stillmotion + RED Epic BTS

Hopefully you caught our 3rd episode of Ask Cinevate featuring special guest Patrick Moreau of Stillmotion (if not don’t worry, it’s right here). Patrick and Joyce (aka Lil’ J) stopped by Cinevate HQ to say hello and show off their … Continue reading

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Customer Showcase #2

4120 Productions featured in this week's Customer Showcase

After our recent visit to New York for the CineGear show all I can think about is the Arri Alexa and Atlas 200 combo. That’s partly why we chose this week’s video for our 2nd edition of the Customer Showcase … Continue reading

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Ask Cinevate Episode 3 – Patrick Moreau and the RED Epic

Patrick and Dennis

As much fun as I’ve had making the first 2 episodes of Ask, it’s been our intention to let someone else take the reigns every now and then and to have qualified guests appear on the program. Well, it didn’t … Continue reading

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The Adventures of CineMan #7

CineMan and the RED Epic

Holy! That is what you think it is – CineMan straddling the RED Epic! For some reason I’m jealous of that… So what is he up to anyway? Well, stay tuned next week for Dennis Wood, Patrick Moreau of Stillmotion, … Continue reading

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