Stillmotion’s Share Project

Somehow between shooting the SuperBowl, winning multiple Emmy awards for their documentary, A Game of Honor, and countless other shoots Stillmotion still finds time for passion projects. Enter Share. Stillmotion started Share to give back, creating, in this case, a beautiful and touching short documentary on the Old Skool Cafe, a youth run supper club in San Francisco. In their latest blog entry, Patrick reflects on what exactly Share is and why they started it; “we started Share because we wanted to give back. we wanted to help illuminate some very valuable causes or projects that need to be seen by larger audiences. what we didn’t fully expect, was just how much we would gain from the experience. we’ve long said that the process of filmmaking is as valuable as the result itself, and nowhere is that more apparent than the creation of this film.”

I think everyone can learn something from this piece on a variety of levels. The entire video is inspiring in its storytelling and technical filmmaking. The composition, camera movements, lighting, sound quality and editing choices are all worth taking notes on. I’ve sat in on arguments/debates about doing free work as a filmmaker/videographer and the risk of devaluing your work, but in some cases (especially for beginners) it’s worth doing just to learn from. Even pros like Stillmotion, as Patrick mentions, still learned and gained a lot from doing a pro bono production like this one – not to mention a little charity never hurt anyone.

If you’re not the note-taking type they’ve got you covered in the filmmaking/instructional tool called SMAPP – the Stillmotion App. Find out more at the SMAPP page or check out the Stillmotion blog for their other shoots and educational opportunities.

Stillmotion launches the Share Film Project


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