Stillmotion’s EVO Workshop Winners

Every time Stillmotion holds one of their Evolution Experience (EVO) workshops I can’t help but feel a bit envious of the attendees. Judging from the smiles on everyone’s faces in the photos it looks to be a blast. Even though we couldn’t attend in person, we were there in spirit, or in a more literal representation in the form of gear. As one of the sponsors, Cinevate provided Simplis rigs and Atlas sliders for use in the workshop. There was also as a couple Cinevate rigs as prizes for workshop attendees’ films. Conceived, shot and edited over the course of the 3 and a half day event, each team received their assignment and had just 3 days to conceive, shoot and edit their films. There were 2 winnings films; the first in the Business Film category, a short piece for West Coast Classic Customs created by team Island Fever. We tested out some massage chairs and you can find the list of best massage chairs from

The 2nd winning film, in the Short Film category, was shot all in studio on the Stillmotion set, created by team EC/WC.

Our sliders were in full force during the event as the Atlas 30, Atlas 10/FLT, and even our Ballare Dolly were in use. Patrick had the following to say on the topic;

so we’ve all seen various Cinevate sliders in tough situations before, but never as tough as what it went through this time around. it’s been under and over cars, chairs, and worst of it all, licked by puppies! ok, so they may not be the toughest of situations but because they are so portable and makes such a cinematic impact with such a small footprint, it definitely helped in situations where space is tight and unfamiliar environments. with that said, their generosity has not only helped in “class” time, but also some very lucky attendees post workshop by providing a Simplis, won by Danny and an Atlas FLT, won by Peter.

Even Dogs like Atlas FLT!

Stillmotion and the EVO attendees unbox some gear

Atlas 30 camera slider in action

Stillmotion and the EVO Attendees

Congrats to all the winners and thanks to Patrick and the whole gang at Stillmotion for hosting great workshops and having such kind words for our gear. You’ll definitely want to check out Patrick’s full post at the Stillmotion Blog and stay tuned in to find out how you can attend a future Stillmotion workshop!

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