Stillmotion’s Canon C100 Film ‘Pulse’ with Behind-the-Scenes

Having just finished up their huge North American KNOW Tour, you’d think that Stillmotion crew would be resting up for the holidays, yet here they are with a brand new video filmed on Canon’s C100. Shot over 11 days in 3 different countries, PULSE is a film about a team of innovators who, via Kickstarter, developed a unique application. The product; an iPhone app that uses the light on your phone to illuminate your finger, detect the shade of red on the skin and then closely estimate your heart rate. Pretty cool, though questionable for accurately measuring your pulse? That’s okay, because it’s not the point. With this biometric data, an algorithm takes this info and turns it into music – thus BioBeats was born. A pretty cool story to be told here. On top of that, Canon had also just contacted the Stillmotion team looking for film concepts to try out the new C100. As this post’s title suggests, they got the C100 loaner and filmed ‘Pulse‘.

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You can head over to Stillmotion’s blog for a complete write-up about the production, including a lot of essential info on pre-production, pitching/creating a treatment, and even a little bit about the Canon C100 – it’s definitely more than just a new camera post. Having said that, if you’re just interested in Canon’s EOS C100 then check out their Behind-the-Scenes video below (look out for our Atlas FLT slider in a few shots).

Patrick Moreau of Stillmotion grabs a shot on the Canon C100

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