Stillmotion’s 10 Tools + Free Accessory Mounts

Stillmotion’s ’10 Tools That Will Save Your Life (on a film shoot, that is)’ is essential viewing, especially for new videographers. A lot of the tools featured in this video don’t have the ‘sex appeal’ of new cameras, fast lenses or camera sliders so most people don’t notice or pay attention to these but they’re important tools of the trade.

I actually keep some gently used Black Wrap in my car along with with a couple white boards – just in case. A dimmer switch is also a great tool to have, especially when you’re in limited space (and can’t move the lights further away or don’t have the time to put on diffusion/ND gels or light cutting flags). Cinevate tradeshow attendee/assembly guy Nick actually created a tutorial on making your own dimmer switch (though pay attention to his safety disclaimer). And of course, the Simplis featured is a favourite of ours for obvious reasons. Similar as seen in the video, I’ll use a Simplis on a monopod with a viewfinder instead of a monitor, though likewise mounted on the back. In either case, the accessory mounts allow for a large variety of mounting options for a slew of accessories. Luckily for you, until the end of the month (July 31st, 2012) you can pick up 2 Free Accessory Mounts with the purchase of a Simplis quick release plate during our Summer Sale and customize your rig for your shooting needs.

Simplis Quick Release Plate with 2 Free Accessory Mounts

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One Response to Stillmotion’s 10 Tools + Free Accessory Mounts

  1. Kevin Minton says:

    Very good video. A great smapp in the face to remind us of the little things you need on set. Very helpful!