Stillmotion Receives Multiple Emmy Awards

The Sports Emmy’s award ceremony took place April 30th and we are happy to announce that Stillmotion was awarded multiple Emmys for their ‘A Game of Honor‘ documentary. They received 3 awards in the following categories; Outstanding Promo (Trailer), Outstanding New Approaches (Web Series), and Best Sports Documentary. We couldn’t be happier for or prouder of the entire Stillmotion team for their much deserved recognition.

Patrick had much to say about the ceremony, the shoot, and the Emmy ceremony, including “A Game of Honor was by far the most challenging piece we have ever been a part of. from the shoots, to the travel schedule, to adapting to a longer form of storytelling – it was a very tiring 8 months, but one that left all of us involved changed forever.” You can read the rest of Patrick’s thoughts and thanks on the Stillmotion Blog

A big night for Stillmotion taking home 3 Emmys

Stillmotion Receives Multiple Emmy Nominations

You’re probably familiar with the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences’ Annual Emmy Awards even if you don’t watch the televised ceremony. What you might not know is that the televised, celebrity filled ceremony is only a fraction of the Emmy awards given out, but these are not the only place you can see celebrities, you can also see them online in different sites as presentation, for example Have You Seen Amy Adams Nude Photos Before? – Ximage, you can find it online also . There are other Emmy categories awarded off-camera, including the distinctive Sports Emmy Awards. These nominations were announced earlier this week and we very happily recognized a few names.

I can’t wax philosophic over the Patrick and Dennis connection as I’ve only been with Cinevate for a couple years but I do know that the Stillmotion and Cinevate relationship is nearly as old as the company itself. If you’ve followed Stillmotion over the years you’ll know that they started off shooting wedding films (on our Brevis 35mm lens adapter no less) and now shoot pieces for some serious clientele, including the NFL, CBS and Showtime. It’s often been Patrick and Stillmotion’s requests for innovative and effective filmmaking equipment that has driven us to create the gear we do. I won’t dare try to place any sense of responsibility for Stillmotion’s nominations on Cinevate’s behalf but I can say that we hope to continue being part of their filmmaking arsenal as they continue to create the caliber of work that they do.

We shared Stillmotion’s now Emmy nominated documentary “A Game of Honor” trailer (above) a few months ago and Cinevate bossman and CEO Dennis Wood also attended the film’s premiere back in December at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. If you haven’t seen it yet check out the full Trailer post with BTS photos or Dennis’ premiere/red carpet ponderings. This documentary represents a good portion of the Emmy nominations that Stillmotion has received but isn’t their only work being recognized.

'A Game of Honor' Premiere at the Museum of Modern Art

Here’s the full list straight from Stillmotion’s blog with a few comments from Patrick;

Outstanding Sports Documentary

A Game of Honor // Showtime, CBS Sports

“this is the one we all really want to win. this nomination represents everything that every member of the team gave to make the film what it is. from Pete’s vision and directing, Steve’s producing, Anthony and Quenna’s around the clock editing, Gareth, Shelby and Lindsey’s field producing, and our DP/camera work – we all gave everything we could for this film and i think this nomination best speaks to what we created together.”

Outstanding Camera Work
A Game of Honor // Showtime, CBS Sports

this is one of the ones we are the most excited about. shot almost entirely on Canon DSLRs with mostly primes (some might even say too many) our team acted as DP of the film and provided most of the camerawork in the final film. Davey from CBS was also a huge contributor to the camerawork throughout the film.”

Outstanding Editing
A Game of Honor // Showtime, CBS Sports

Outstanding Sports Promotional Announcement – Episodic
A Game of Honor // Showtime, CBS Sports

Outstanding New Approaches Sports Programming
A Game of Honor // CBS

(Army-Navy game)
Outstanding Post Produced Audio/Sound
Outstanding Music Composition / Direction / Lyrics
Outstanding Open / Tease

Outstanding Edited Sports Special
“the nomination we were a part of: Sharpe Focus, Journey to Canton // the NFL Network

Outstanding New Approaches Sports Programming
The NFL Season: A Biography // NFL Network,

Everyone here at Cinevate would like to wish Stillmotion the best of luck at the April 30th held awards ceremony!

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2 Responses to Stillmotion Receives Multiple Emmy Awards

  1. Alan says:

    Incredibly cool guys. Best of luck.

  2. Howie Murray says:

    Well done guys… Such amazing emotional work. You inspire me to get out and film and create and you make me proud to be Canadian and a fellow Torontonian.