Sports Illustrated’s Eye on London – 2012 Olympics

There’s been some excitement this past week with the start of the 2012 Summer Olympics. I usually pretend not to care but I eventually get caught up in the medal race between countries. Sadly, the Canadian athletes have fared better but still have a respectable 7 medals in total (as of August 3rd, China and the US are neck-and-neck with 41 and 37 respectively). Whether you’re interested in the Olympics or not, it’s hard to ignore the volume of media that comes out of it. Among all of the video and stills of athletes in action one thing you don’t see much of is the hosting city and its citizens. Our pals over at Straw Hat Visuals shared a piece they shot and produced for Sports Illustrated, called ‘Eye on London‘. While all of the focus is on the athletes it’s nice to see a different perspective, in this case, the people of London’s story.

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