Sony Takes on GoPro, announces ‘Action Cam’

After yesterday’s reveal from Canon on their new Cinema EOS C100 camera I figured we were safe from any new camera announcements for a little bit. Sony proved me wrong by announcing the HDR-AS10 HD ‘Action Camcorder’. Although this isn’t in the same league as the C100 it does directly compete with GoPro and the GoPro-like cameras out there.

Sony HDR-AS10 HD Action Camera

Sony’s Action Cam is in the vane of GoPro’s Hero cameras but with a few differences. First, they teamed up with Zeiss – yes, Zeiss – to outfit the camera’s lens. From the test footage I can tell you it’s not a CP.2. From what little I’ve seen it looks as good as GoPro’s Hero 2 footage though not necessarily better. This little guy also does 120 fps at 720P (while the Hero 2 only does 60 fps at 720 P). Sony also boasts image stabilization and a Wi-Fi version for a few bucks more. B&H has the camera (Sony HDR-AS10 HD Action Cam) listed at $198 so for those who haven’t yet invested in a durable ‘crash’ cam yet this little guy is the most affordable.

The real question is do we really need another novelty camera? I love my GoPro but I have gigs and gigs of footage that I’ll probably never use. At the $200 price point and the 120 fps it might be worth playing around with. What do you think? And what are you doing with all of your GoPro footage anyway?

Sony HDR-AS10 HD Action Camera

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One Response to Sony Takes on GoPro, announces ‘Action Cam’

  1. chris says:

    i personally love it, but am still not in love with the bullet camera form factor. yet at this price can you really complain?

    i’m personally gonna be looking into a Sony NEX-EA50UH plus a couple of these. Dollar for dollar for a poor indie film maker like me, these seem to fit me as a person and my needs. wish somebody would invest housings or accessories for changing to a less wide lens. maybe a snap on telephoto converter or something? how hard would it be to kickstarter something like that?