Sony FS100 Lens Adapter Rig Video

Sony FS100 Lens Adapter Rig Video LaunchBack at NAB we introduced our FS100 Lens Adapter Rig – a system that allows for swapping out lens mounts to accommodate for 8 different lens types. The passive adapters (meaning they don’t have the chip set necessary for communication with lenses so you’ll want to use manual aperture glass) come in a variety of flavors, including Canon EF, Canon FD, Nikon, Pentax K, Pentax M42, Minolta MD, OCT19 and PL.

We just released the launch video which showcases a couple of the lens mounts as well as the variations the rig is available in.

The first rig is the basic FS100 Lens Adapter Kit which includes the top and bottom cheese plates and the lens mount. The second rig is the FS100 Lens Adapter Kit with Rails which includes the cheese plates, lens adapter and a 30cm long rails kit. You’ll also notice SmallHD’s DP.4 EVF which isn’t included but will be available as an option in the near future, as well as our new and coming soon Shoulder Mount and stackable counterweights. The final rig is the cinema rig or FS100 Lens Adapter Rig, which features the cheese plates, lens mount, rails, Durus Follow Focus and Titan Swing-Away Mattebox.

Sony FS100 Lens Adapter Kit

Gary bounces some light on Nick and the FS100 Lens Adapter Kit

With the launch of the new rig we’re offering a promotion on the lens mounts. Until June 30th, 2012 with the purchase of any FS100 Lens Adapter Rig you’ll either receive a Free Standard Mount (Canon EF, Canon FD, Nikon, Minolta MD, Pentax K or Pentax M42) or save 50% on the PL and OCT19 mounts. Check out the promotion along with lots of great savings during our June Specials.

Sony FS100 Lens Adapter Kit with Rails

Atlas 30 with Motion Control captures the FS100 Lens Adapter Kit in action

And lastly, a quick shout-out to Zeiss for loaning us some additional lenses required for the shoot – thanks guys!

Atlas 30 slider with Motion Control captures the Sony FS100 Lens Adapter Kit

Shoeless Chris runs Atlas 30 Motion Control to capture rig breakdowns

FS100 Lens Adapter Rig video shoot

We busted out the Ballare Dolly for this push in plus our intern takes a crack at pulling focus

FS100 Lens Adapter Rig shoot bts

I had the difficult task of pressing 'start' while Chris zooms and pans

FS100 Lens Adapter Rig behind the scenes

Chris lays out the rig components while shooting from above

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3 Responses to Sony FS100 Lens Adapter Rig Video

  1. Neil says:

    Y’all need to get with making one of these for the FS700!

  2. filmboy says:

    hmmm nice, bt hw can i get the mount for canon ef n efs lenses for this camera?

    • Luke says:


      We do have an EF/eos mount, but it doesn’t carry over the sensor data for aperture or focus control so it would only work on older/manual canon lenses.