Sony Announces A77 & NEX7

If you’ve been online at all today then you’ve probably seen either a press release, blog post, or tweet about Sony’s announcement about their camera updates. These of course include the A77, the NEX7, and the VG20 to name a few.  Sounds like the things to get most excited about are their new 24 megapixel sensor and their OLED viewfinder.  The VG20, though looking pretty similar, features a few ergonomic changes but more importantly now includes 24P. For a more detailed breakdown check out this video from Sony.

YouTube Preview Image

We were particularly excited about the press release as we’ve lent Sony Canada a variety of rigs from our Simplis line to try on the new cameras. The guys at Sony were pretty excited to find that the cameras adapted effortlessly to our support rigs.

I can’t forget about the NEX7. Check it out on our Simplis Solo.

Sony NEX7 on our Simplis Solo

Does the NEX7 work with our Simplis Solo? This guy seems to think so

3rd pic from the show – NEX-VG20 again, this time in use.

Sony VG20 on Simplis Pro

Simplis Pro adapts easily to the VG20 - just need a Grip Stick extension for the Cyclops

2nd pic from Sony’s announcement event – Sony’s NEX-VG20 on our (slightly modified) Simplis Pro.

SONY NEX-VG20 on a Simplis Pro

Sony's new NEX-VG20 on our Simplis Pro

Check out the first photo from Sony Canada’s Press Event. The A77 is looking pretty slick on a Simplis Rails kit with Follow Focus – almost as slick as that guy’s suit!

Sony A77 on Cinevate Simplis

Sony's new A77 DSLR on our Simplis with Rails Kit, Durus Follow Focus, and a couple Proteus Grip Sticks to support accessories

And a thanks and a shout out to Rob, Patrick and the guys at Sony Canada for sending us the pictures.

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  1. Jipsi says:

    Cool, more toys. Not to be a stickler for details but “to the our support rigs” is a typo. Be well guys…

  2. Very cool guys. Great looking camera (specs look awesome). Very cool that they mounted it to your gear.

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