New Nikon D600

New Nikon D600

*Update: September 18th, 2012
Talk about a fast turnaround. Nikon has already begun shipping their D600 camera as seen on various US and Canadian dealers. Are you picking one up? Let us know your thoughts.

Yesterday was a big day for camera announcements as Sony unveiled the A99, the NEX-VG900 and the NEX-6. Next in line is Nikon, having just confirmed their rumored D600. The 24MP camera features a full frame sensor and your standard DSLR frame rates. So besides being another camera, is there anything to get excited about? Perhaps via this tidbit from the press release;

“In addition to the ability to play back HD video and images through the HDMI terminal, users are also able to experience pro-grade video features in the Nikon D600. For monitoring and streaming applications, the image can be displayed on the LCD screen while simultaneously shown on another monitor through the HDMI, with or without shooting data. What’s more, the D600 adds the ability to transfer uncompressed video via the HDMI connection, which can then be routed to a digital recorder or similar device.”

Previously if you wanted to shoot uncompressed via HDMI out on Nikon you were looking at the D800 ($3,000 body only) but now you can capture the same way on the $2,100 D600 body. Definitely a more affordable way if that’s an attractive workflow for you. Here’s a selection of Nikon’s press release;

Nikon D600

MELVILLE, N.Y. (September 13, 2012) – Today, Nikon Inc. announced the 24.3-megapixel (MP) D600, a camera that is designed to deliver the image quality and performance benefits of a full frame FX-format sensor to the enthusiast looking to take their dedication to the next level. The Nikon D600 offers a remarkable value, merging the perfect combination of a lightweight, compact form factor and superior image quality, making the leap into FX-format photography more attractive than ever.

Whether shooting stills or Full HD video, advanced features and Nikon technologies like the newly developed high resolution CMOS sensor and EXPEED 3 image processing engine are designed to meet the needs of the most demanding creative vision. Additionally, Nikon’s new optional WU-1b wireless adapter allows users to shoot high quality HD-SLR images and transfer them to their mobile device, making it easier to stay connected, without the need for wires.

Nikon D600 back“For many, image making is so much more than a hobby; it is a way of life that changes the way the world is perceived. The Nikon D600 represents a new category of camera for this user and demonstrates Nikon’s devotion to the passionate photographer who is always looking for new ways to express their creativity through their photos and HD videos,” said Bo Kajiwara, Vice President of Marketing, Planning and Customer Experience, Nikon Inc. “By offering users the advanced FX-format and key features inherited from our professional cameras, along with new functions like optional wireless capabilities, Nikon is inspiring photographers by providing an imaging experience that satisfies like never before.”

You can head over to for the full release.

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