New Dromos Hi Hat Board in Action

Earlier this year we introduced the Dromos Hi Hat, a versatile Hi Hat and Bowl Riser combination that allows for low angle shots while maintaining pan, tilt and leveling control at any angle. Any film set grip truck will have a hi hat along with a flat base to mount it to and now we have both for your gear bag. The Dromos Hi Hat Board is a handled wood base with through-holes as well as threaded inserts to allow for secure mounting.

Dromos Hi Hat and Dromos Hi Hat Board

The people who have Dromos immediately added it in their essential tool kit, including the likes of Casey Warren of MINDCASTLE and Patrick Moreau of Stillmotion. Piotr Skowronski of Imaginarium Video also recently made use of it while filming the Axis Jib video which you’ll see in the near future. Piotr has since added it to his gear and passed along some comments on having Dromos in his kit;

“Aside from having the right people for the job; the second most important element to ensure a smooth and successful production experience are the tools.  Whether you’re a cinematographer, videographer or run-and-gun documentary filmmaker, you depend on your experience, your team and the tools in your kit.  For me, some of the most important tools are the ones that are less known or glamorous, but offer a tremendous advantage on set.  One such tool is the trusty Hi Hat.  The applications are countless and include something as simple as a sturdy foundation for camera setup, to dramatic low angle shots reminiscent of Citizen Kane.  On our productions, the Imaginarium Studio camera department requires a platform where cameras such as the Red Scarlet-X and all of its many accessories can be assembled easily and efficiently.  The Hi Hat allows for this.  We recently had the privilege to add to our kit the Cinevate Dromos Hi Hat, which immediately proved to be an indispensable asset on account of its stability and versatility.  We used the Dromos to build and tear down the camera, transport and store, as well as mounting it to a dolly to achieve low angle tracking shots.  This Hi Hat in particular has a few neat surprises including 3/8” and 1/4” holes (cheese plate style) for mounting accessories, and features an articulating bowl up to 90 degrees.  So really, if you just need to take a load off and rest your camera rig somewhere safe, grab a low angle shot, or maybe squeeze into a tight place, the Hi Hat allows for this.  Perhaps you want to mount the camera to the wall; sure, simply drill the Dromos Hi Hat Board securely into the wall and you just achieved an otherwise impossible point of view.”

One thing I hadn’t considered was using the Dromos as a platform to build and assemble your camera. This is especially handy with larger cameras like any of the REDs or Alexa, as seen in these BTS photos;

RED Scarlet ready for action on the Dromos Hi Hat

Dromos Hi Hat and Scarlet

Dromos Hi Hat on stand by while the crew preps the Axis Jib

Dromos is available now through and at various resellers.

Arri Alexa on Dromos Hi Hat and Wood Base on a MINDCASTLE shoot


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