Cinevate Moco – Motorized Slider + Timelapse Slider + Stop Motion Slider

Moco is finally here! We are happy to bring motion control to our entire family of camera sliders. Moco is a sophisticated system that gives experienced shooters and timelapse rookies (like myself) the ability to perform advanced camera movements across real-time, timelapse and stop motion modes. Moco gives operators an incredible amount of control while being user friendly for any level of user. As you’ll see in the launch video, Moco allowed us to shoot the same movement over and over for seamless compositing in post. Check out the video, behind-the-scenes and more information below. Check out for ordering information.

Moco delivers complete motion control for Cinevate’s revered line of camera sliders, infusing emotion into your story through timelapse, real time motion and stop motion – all with macro precision.

Moco comes with everything you need to equip your Cinevate Camera Slider for motorized slider operation. Shoot in real time with on-the-fly speed adjustment and dampening control or record and repeat moves for multiple takes and complex visual effects shots. Using Moco’s intuitive controller, programming timelapse, real time motion and stop motion has never been easier.

With Moco you don’t lose time swapping in and out a different motor for each motor function. The single servo motor handles all movements across all modes, while maintaining unparalleled precision. Moco boasts precision positioning to 0.1 mm.

Cinevate Moco - Motion Control Camera Sliders

I can honestly say that picking up the Moco controller and operating is incredibly easy. When I first tried the system out I was in ‘Free Ride’ mode within minutes and recording movements (with variable speed and dampening) shortly after. If you’re not an experienced timelapse photographer there is a bit of a learning curve in regards to knowing which camera settings to use (i.e. shutter or exposure time) depending on your shooting situation (i.e. fast moving clouds, slow moving clouds, crowds of people, etc). Luckily, there are lots of resources online and you’ll be seeing more information from us in the coming weeks. We will be updating our blog frequently with Moco tips and tricks so check back often or subscribe to our Facebook and Twitter pages. Check back soon for a 3rd party review and technical breakdown of the Atlas 30 Moco unit from an experienced visual effects shooter. Feel free to send questions to ask @

The first batch of Moco units are in limited supply so be sure to get your order in to guarantee that you receive Moco when it ships in 6 weeks. Find more on Moco at

Double Moco! Atlas 200 Moco - Motion Control Add-On Kit

Atlas FLT Moco with BlackMagic Design Cinema Camera

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18 Responses to Cinevate Moco – Motorized Slider + Timelapse Slider + Stop Motion Slider

  1. Vnackd says:

    Hmmm, slider shots only possible when legs are high due to under carriage of drive and belt. So low shots are out, unless you keep apple boxes in your van. And the whole thing is so quick to setup!!!! Not.

    • Luke says:

      I’m guessing you’re referring to the Atlas 10 and FLT (since the regular legs work with the Atlas 30 and Pegasus systems). To clarify, the height difference between the regular legs and all terrain legs is a matter of 2 1/4 inches, so you can still achieve low shots. Your setup time will vary. When testing Moco out I brought it to locations completely assembled in the Atlas FLT case. You still have to plug in the cables and setup your shot of course. We think it’s pretty reasonable given the sophistication of the system. Stay tuned for videos and detailed blog posts addressing your concerns.


  2. Not gonna lie, it looks pretty sweet! Will you be able to set it to automatically go back and forth? I could see that being a really useful feature for an unmanned camera during an interview. Just to have that little bit of motion for short clips – it’d be really nice 🙂

  3. Not gonna lie, it looks pretty sweet! Will you be able to set it to automatically go back and forth? I could see that being a really useful feature for an unmanned camera during an interview. Just to have that little bit of motion for short clips – it’d be a really nice addition to my Atlas 10 🙂

    • Luke says:

      Hey Travis,
      It’s one of our funnest toys, er ‘tools’ to date! You can preset complex movements (back and forth, changing speeds and dampening) for up to 80 seconds. If you just want to do a nice slow A-to-B movement over the course of an hour or so you could set that up as well. Moco will also work with all of DitoGear’s current and upcoming accessories, including Evolution (enabling Tablet control for even easier programming).

  4. Chris says:

    Are you guys gonna release a timelapse soon??

    • Luke says:

      Hey Chris,
      You bet! We’ll be sharing some of the timelapses I did during product testing along with more Moco info and answering some questions.
      Hoping to start these blog posts next week.


  5. I am thrilled to see motion control from cinevate! I know I speak for everyone when I say “THANK YOU” Obviously I will have to work a little harder to be able to afford something like this, but as a true Cinevate fan, I know it will be made correctly and produce outstanding footage! Looking forward to future blog posts and videos 🙂

  6. Martyn Lengden says:

    Thank you Cinevate. Motion control at last for my Atlas 10 slider. It’s been a while coming, but I know it will be a thing of beauty. Now I start saving. Cheers.

  7. Jacob says:

    Great job on the name guys. Moco is spanish for booger or mucus. I still want one though!

  8. says:

    Will I be able to centre mount my atlas 10 and use this?

  9. Paul says:

    When will this kit be available. Will there be choices for belt lengths depending on the rod lengths I already have?

    • Luke says:

      Hey Paul,

      The Add-on kits will include different lengths of belts to accommodate the available lengths for your slider. The first batch of units will be available in approx. 6 weeks. We are taking preorders if you want to guarantee delivery with the first batch. If you have any other questions just let us know.

  10. Ignacio Aronovich says:

    Will this work with the Pegasus Carbon Camera Slider ?

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