Moco Blog #1 – Technical Overview

With our new Moco Motion Control Add-on kits available we have lots to talk about and plenty of questions to answer. Luckily for us we have help from a couple of seasoned timelapse and motion control shooters. In this case, Ross Gerbasi has shared his technical overview of a prototype Atlas 30 Moco Add-on kit. Ross covers lots of material in the clip, starting with assembly (specific to the Atlas 30) along with repeatability, stability and, of course, some timelapse test shots. You’ll notice that Ross is already pretty familiar with the controller navigation but you can tell how easy it is to move around between different modes and input settings. See for yourself;

One quick note to make is that Ross’ video and tests seen here are with a pre-production Moco unit, with mostly cosmetic changes to the final shipping versions. This version does not have the thumbscrew drive belt release, which brings me to another point. Something that we haven’t really pointed out is a point that Ross makes in his vimeo description, and that is the fact that all of our sliders can change from motorized to manual/hand-push mode in a matter of seconds. The thumbscrew release for the drive belt allows you to switch between the two modes almost immediately.

So big thanks to Ross for that comprehensive overview. Next week I’ll share one of my first timelapse tests with Moco along with some timelapse and motion timelapse basics. Feel free to ask questions in the comments below or fire an email to ask [@] Finally, a quick BTS shot from a much warmer and sunnier time…

Moco Field Testing #1 - Timelapse Slider

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13 Responses to Moco Blog #1 – Technical Overview

  1. Walter says:

    Interesting video!
    And an interesting system. I’ve been thinking about motorizing my Atlas 30, but I have no clue where to start and there is a solution 🙂
    I’m curious how to synchronize the camera and motor when shooting timelapse, so the camera doesn’t move when recording a frame…

    This moco will allow to add a lot of production value and emotion to videoproductions.

    • Luke says:

      Hey Walter

      We got you covered! Moco has ‘Drive-Shoot-Drive’ modes that move the slider, stop it for the exposure, and then ‘drive’ it after the exposure has elapsed. You set the exposure and interval between shots so the unit knows not to move during these times. Plus, the Moco add-ons include shutter release cables so you can actually plug in the camera and have Moco fire off the shots on your DSLR. Hopefully that helps, just let us know if you have any other questions.

  2. Dominic says:


    On my browser the tracking shot is producing lots of jerkiness in the horizontal plane. Is that some kind of artefact from publishing it for the web or?

    Also what kind of warranty is being offered – there’s a lot of moving parts here.



    • Luke says:

      Hey Dom,

      Based on the tests and shooting we’ve done here it looks to me like a result of compression and uploading to vimeo. It’s not all that uncommon to see similar effects after uploading to web. Having said that, I’ll try to get some more video online showcasing the video movements to highlight smoothness. As for the warranty, 1 year warranty is offered on all components.

  3. Michael brantman says:

    When will this be available … is it shipping alteady ?

    • Luke says:

      Hey Michael,

      We are awaiting the first production run of these units. We’re approx. 60 days away from receiving them. They will be available in limited supply so we recommend pre-ordering to ensure you get a Moco with the first batch.

  4. dujean romain says:

    hi how much cost this beautifull toys and it is possible for france?


  5. Wayne Lucey says:

    What specifically comes with the Atlas 30 Moco? Could you list the items that come with a purchase of the Atlas 30 Moco at $1949?

    Thank you

    • Luke says:

      Hey Wayne,

      The Kit includes everything you need to get motorized, minus the slider. To be specific;
      – Drive Motor and Drive pulley
      – Carriage attachment kit
      – drive belts (in the case of the Atlas 30, you get 3 belts (35″, 47″ and 58″ lengths)
      – Omni Controller
      – 12 volt Battery with charger
      – AC adapter
      – Connection cables (controller, battery, motor)
      – Shutter release cables (Canon, Nikon, Sony)

      Hope that helps. If you head over to the product page you can find this image of these items separate from the slider.

  6. Morten Normann Almeland says:

    Do you have any camera Slider Packages that include this? or are you planning to make it available?

    • Cinevate says:

      Hi Morten, we don’t currently have Moco bundled with any sliders however, you can purchase Moco and a slider on à la carte.

      In the coming weeks you will see options in the webstore that will let you bundle Moco with any slider of your choice.

      I hope that answers your question.

  7. Walter says:

    Thanks for your reply Luke!
    I usually shoot with non-DSLRs ranging from Sony EX1R to Canon C300. With those camera’s it’s probably a matter of timing the exposure of the camera and the movement of the moco?
    I’m pretty excited about the possibilities, so now I have to find out whether I can ‘sell’ it to my clients. Do they want this in their corporate videos?