Midway State’s RED Scarlet shot Music Video

Earlier this year our pal Konrad Czystowski approached us for a few of our filmmaking gadgets to help in the filming of a music video for Canadian band, The Midway State. The video has played on Canadian music station MuchMusic and is, of course, online. Check out the video and beind-the-scenes photos below.

Konrad rocks his Steadicam while keeping a few steps ahead of the talent

Setting up the Scarlet for a push courtesy of Atlas 10

Konrad racks focus on this Atlas 30 push in using our Durus Follow Focus

The crew crowds around to check out the last Steadicam shot

The crew used a variety of gear, including Konard’s go-to Steadicam as well as a few of our sliders. You can check out both the Atlas 30 and Atlas 10 camera sliders in our extended 12 Days of Festivus Sale, both at 30% off until January 31st, 2013.

Save 30% on select products in the extended 12 Days of Festivus Sale

Konrad grabs a high angle perspective on the RED Scarlet

The crew gathers to check out another shot

Silver Girl

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3 Responses to Midway State’s RED Scarlet shot Music Video

  1. Lonnie says:

    Going against the grain with this question – which lens were you using and at what f-stop for the Steadicam Park Scene and the opening Boom Roof Shot? I ask because there is a great deep depth of field, where everything near & far is in sharp focus…

    Thanks in advance and Congrats on the Video!

  2. Eric Santiago says:

    I too am curious on BTS for the shots.
    I would like to know the lenses used in this video.
    Great work 🙂

  3. Good Job, I love the edition, congratulation.