Loaded Boards Contest + Win an Atlas FLT

Loaded Boards Contest - Win an Atlas FLT

We’re happy to share a contest being run by the guys at Loaded Boards dubbed the “Loaded Motion Video Contest”. The premise is simple; “You are to make a super rad longboarding video with all moving shots; NO STATIONARY SHOTS (ie. NO still shots on a tripod). If we see a stationary shot, we shall hire monsters to eat all your food.”

So to win some prizes (and protect your food) create a video (a longboarding video) with moving shots and submit via the Loaded Boards Contest Facebook page or their Contest Page before December 5th for a chance to win.

We’re actually not the only sponsor, so there are other prizes to win, including a Nemo Gogo Tent, Super Feet Insoles, and other longboard goodies (Loaded Boards boards, otang wheels, and Nipple bushings). Of course, you can also win one of our Atlas Flt sliders as well.

Win an Atlas FLT Camera Slider

One of the top prizes is our Atlas FLT camera slider - Camera not included đŸ˜‰

Here’s the Winner from Loaded Boards’ contest from last year to give you some inspiration/aspirations đŸ˜‰

YouTube Preview Image
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8 Responses to Loaded Boards Contest + Win an Atlas FLT

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  2. Harry Brown says:

    Im 14, been longboarding for nearly a year. got a rubbish camrea.. and a tripod from a chistmas cracker. But i like to film… and longboard. usually do flatland but i wanted to explore with some slides on the hills.. dident work out. but longboarding is practice.

  3. Gold Coast Longboards says:

    This is really going to be a great contest, thanks for hosting and spreading the word.

  4. Chris says:

    When does the contest end??

  5. Quim says:

    I’m in!

    …well me and my brother. We were planning to do the second round of our Longbrotheen’ film we did last year and this contest sounds like perfect!


    Longbrotheen’ video:

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