Introducing Trawly – Compact Camera Dolly

Introducing Trawly – A compact, lightweight and versatile camera dolly.

By adding wheels to our universal Simplis base plate, we add an entirely new dimension in functionality. With Trawly, it’s easy to adjust the legs and wheels to pull off straight dolly shots, crab moves, arched turns and use it as a handheld rig.

In standard Simplis fashion, the camera can be quick-released from Trawly for smooth transitions between setups.

Trawly and the Trawly Wheels Kit are now available in the catalog for purchase.

Check out the video and let us know what you think.

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44 Responses to Introducing Trawly – Compact Camera Dolly

  1. Becky says:

    WANT! That is awesome!

  2. Tomek says:

    Brilliant. just brilliant! I would really like to try this one!:) What are the costs?

  3. Henry Páll says:

    awesome, where can i order one and how much is it?

  4. Cinevate says:

    Dealers can order as of today. From we’ll take online orders and ship product ( lead time 2 days) March 1st. Intro pricing is $449. If you already own a Simplis Dual, good news…you just need the wheel kit which will be available at the same time.


    • Boyd says:

      Hi Dennis,

      What is the price for the wheel kit? Also, will Adorama or B&H Photo offer the wheel kit for the customers who already own the Simplis Dual? If so, what date do you anticipate the wheel kit will be available to purchase through a 3rd party vendor?

      Thank you!

  5. Great job, simple but powerful, is a shame that Brazil has many import taxes, but I buy mine in August because I’ll be there! Congratulations

  6. Blowup says:

    So cool!
    I want it!
    What about getting it in Europe/Germany/Italy??

  7. Craig says:

    Cost = WAY to much. Very disappointing.

    The Trawley is just what I need for travel but the price……..Cinevate you need to work on your pricing. Really.

    • ar says:

      quite frankly i have to agree..450 is ridiculous for that

      • guru says:

        Exactly what I’m thinking. I’ll wait for 1:1 chinese copy for half of that price…

        • Ash says:

          I wouldnt even bother waiting for a chinese knockoff. You could make something just as functional for even less. And im not talking using cheap materials like wood or PVC pipe either.

          Companies are getting way too over zealous with their pricing these days.

  8. That is awesome, I want one…

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  10. Anonymoose says:

    Pricing is too high. It’s a great product but too expensive. I know the HDSLR movement is hot right now but pricing that high, you’re trying to hard to be like Apple with excessive profit margins. Be better than that, and make it affordable.

    • says:

      that the unfortunate reality with Cinevate. Over pricing themselves out of the market. DSLR’s are HUGE right now because they are cheap for the indie filmmaker. Ill either try to DIY my own trawly or wait for another manufacturer to copy the design and sell it for cheaper:)
      Sorry Cinevate…great product….stupid price

  11. media301 says:

    I credit Cinevate for so great products but in this case I think the original is better and cheaper. Check out cineskates at:

  12. The Frosty says:

    That thing looks like some fun!

  13. Alan says:

    There’s no question that $449 is a lot of money for what you see. But, it’s not just a couple of wheels on a hand grip. You’re paying for stability and reliability. For example, their sliders might seem expensive… but they work……Every time. I’ve put mine through rain, snow and -30C weather and it still performs. When you don’t get a second chance on most shots you don’t want to be worrying about the gear.

    I’m sure there’s DIY kits out there that do the same thing. But if this is anything like any of there other products you know it’s going to work well today and down the road.


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  15. Craig says:


    Truly, I appreciate your comments and agree the comments about the sliders. However, being an engineer and having a grasp on the components I see, there is no way to justify the cost, there is just not that much there – little machining some injection molding, some off the shelf parts……..

    Yes, I understand short run manufacturing cost, which is something I am sure Cinevate is up against but I will reiterate, cost needs to be worked on hard to capture market and satisfy demand.

    • Alan says:

      I have to disagree. The Steadicam Merlin is nothing more than a piece of pipe with a couple of weights and ball bearings, yet it sells for almost $800.
      If a product can deliver and have value, then it will sell. I currently have the simplis rig. It’s incredibly versitile. Now, all I need to add is the Trawly kit at a minimal cost. The fact that it is all quick release, I can move from a dolly, slider, tripod, handheld and steadicam in seconds.

      As an engineer, it may be hard to match production costs with price. However, being a film maker I can’t be bothered with how much it costs to make. Computer chips used to cost dollars and sold for thousands but the market accepted it.

      When I only have seconds shooting a live event and only one chance to get the shot I’ll pay a bit more for something that does the job right the first time. If I have to fiddle around with a product to get it to work just to save a hundred bucks on a job paying several grand I won’t be in business long.

      Again, there are cheaper products out there. And for those who only see the bottom line, perhaps this product isn’t for you. I’ve looked at the cheaper products. They appear to work well, but don’t seem to integrate well with other gear. This does, and therefore has value.

  16. Dennis Wood says:

    Craig, thanks so much for piping in with your viewpoint. Pricing a product is so, so much more than what meets the eye. Case in point, a single injection mold can run over $25 000. Another cost which is completely hidden is on the development side. Cinevate employs and works with two nearly full time 3D CAD designers, Chris who manages products and runs our rapid prototype / metal prototype functions, and further staff involved in patents, marketing, business management, shipping and assembly. In other words, the material cost of a product is only a small part of the equation. Your point on tools of the trade is right on track. Nearly all of our customers are professionals, and so are we. Therefore if something doesn’t work well for us, we don’t sell it. This dictates a very high build quality, stainless fastener sets, corrosion resistant metal finishing … and a constant push forward in terms of simplicity and design. Cost is something we’re all keenly aware of, but not at the sacrifice of quality, service and support.

    Dennis 🙂

    • Patt says:

      I’m Cad designer and the same thing I can design I just few hours. To make prototype it can take up to 2-3days. And less than one hour to make firs correct one on CNC. For just few dollars.
      Im sorry but $500 for that it’s just a crime. I agree great idea but don’t get crazy. Or wait few weeks and you will buy a copy made in china for $10
      Ask yoursef do you need to spend $500 for something what you’ll use maybe few times and is it bring you money back.

      • rik says:

        Hi Patt,

        I look forward to seeing your product in a week or so. I find it interesting that you as a CAD designer are telling people to wait for a chinese rip-off. How many of your designs have been copied and turned in inferior copies.
        I’m a photographer, but don’t hire me. There is a guy down the road that charges 10% of what I do, hire him.

  17. Leigh says:

    I hear what you’re saying with regards to all associated costs with regards to delivering a product of this quality, load and clear.
    But for every positive comment I read, I read 2 in ref to high intro (does that mean it could go higher?) price.
    It’s a shame I would love to own one 🙁

    Hope it succeeds

  18. shodensan says:

    how can i get this from here in the philippines? and how soon? thanks!

  19. Lliam Worthngton says:

    Hi guys,

    Product looks great. What is the maximum payload for Trawly?




  20. S. Syed says:

    Craftsmanship has a price. Take the Cinevate sliders as an example. I’ve tried a few of the “alternatives” in order to save a few hundred dollars. After micro-vibrations, instability, etc. I became tired of having to take multiple takes for just one shot. The Cinevate works… every time.

    Looking at shoulder rigs for running and gunning… this is far better priced for a pro grade product when compared to various other pro level manufacturers. Also, not all of us are engineers and not all of us have the time to engage in DIY projects. We just need something that just works out of the box and continues working into the future.

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  22. Chadzilla says:

    too expensive.

  23. Adam says:

    Can i use the trawly with telefoto lens..For example 70-200 mm .?
    Thank you for answer ..

  24. I find cinevates pricing to be spot on for what you get. This isnt really dslr as much as quality film equipment. Dslr stuff is cheap and you get what you pay for. If this was from a film gear company it would be double what it is.

    Keep up the great work

  25. scot says:

    Seems like an expensive rip off of CineSkate which a kid at MIT invented and sells for about 300 bucks….

  26. bill frakes says:

    You get what you pay for. It’s an age old maxim and it exists because it’s true.

    I have shipped my Atlas 200 all over the world–from the north of Sweden to Istanbul to Italy to Israel…….and it always works perfectly.

    Like all of the Cinevate products it is well made and rugged.

    It comes down to this. What is your time worth? Cinevate always delivers. If I spend the time, energy and money to do a shoot I want my gear to perform flawlessly. Anything else is false economy.

    The pricing is very fair.

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  28. Monti says:

    I have seen the video of Compact Camera Dolly and I am really impressed the way they have designed the tool to facilitate the cameraman to get the really professional output with the minimum cost over the tools. this tool is so handy to use in all kind of conditions.
    I will be really thankful if someone helps me to know the prize of this tool or redirect me to the another page to get the whole list of the prise.

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  30. David James says:

    The Cineskates system from Cinetics is a $200 set of wheels to add to a Gorillapod tripod which can be bought separately or as a package (wheels + Gorillapod Focus + ballhead X) for $300.

    Cinetics didn’t, and Cinevate didn’t invent “tripod + wheels” by any stretch of the imagination. There are tons of other compact dolly devices out there.

    Professionals will pay top dollar for reliable tools. $450 is not top dollar for a flexible, configurable system that does all that the Trawley appears to do.

  31. David James says:

    I mentioned that the Cineskate add-on wheels for the Gorillapod tripod are $200.

    Seems only fair to mention that the Cinevate Trawly add-on wheels for the Simplis rig are only $99.

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  33. Michelle MacGrotty says:

    This looks like a great portable dolly. I would definitely consider reaching into the pockets for this one!

  34. rik says:

    Great looking product. I really do not understand why people complain about pricing on forums?? If YOU think it is too expensive, don’t buy it. And for those waiting for the ripoff/copies, just remember its companies like cinevate that are spending the money on research,development and new innovations, I know where I will spend my money.

  35. D. Pierson says:

    Whoa, just saw the Cinetics product for $285 ($385 for the suctions cups) and people have the nerve to compare that to the Cinevate product? Trawly is built on a Simplis platform which allows you to add any number of accessories and mounting options…or you can even build a complete rig! This thing is a Gorilla Pod “tripod” on wheels. $285? Some folks sure choose to economize in the strangest ways

  36. You can get the CineSquid and CineSkates in a pack for a bit less than the price of the Trawly, but I think people need to realise that that Trawly also doubles up as a Simplis rig. Just because it has wheels (which you can remove anyway), doesn’t mean that you can’t use it like a normal Simplis rig – it’s a win win!

    Or if you want the best of all worlds and you have the cash to spend – just get a Trawly, CineSquid and CineSkates and be done with it! 🙂