Introducing the Dromos Bowl Riser

Introducing the Dromos Bowl RiserWe’re happy to announce our newest offering; the Dromos Bowl Riser. We think users will find it a necessity for heavy slider rigging, especially for those who run in horizontal, vertical, and diagonal configurations. The Riser isn’t limited to just sliders as it functions as a cheesed-out hi hat, allowing for low shots while maintaining leveling and orientation control. The build in cheese points allow for near endless mounting capabilities, whether it’s to mount and secure the rig or to attach a monitor and other accessories. Currently available exclusively at at introductory pricing (for a limited time).

Dromos Bowl Riser

– The cheese-plate construction allows you to securely mount your camera anywhere
– Level your camera in any position
– Versatile hi-hat achieves ultra low shots with maximum control and stability
– Strong enough to mount camera rigs 90 degrees
– Accepts 100mm ball natively and 75mm with adapter
– Delivers countless accessory mounting options

Dromos comes native with 100mm but easily adapts to 75mm

Dromos allows for proper leveling and orienting at all anglesStay tuned for an in-depth video showcasing all of Dromos’ uses in the coming weeks!

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One Response to Introducing the Dromos Bowl Riser

  1. Ric Kasnoff says:

    Love the way you guys are always coming up with accessories we actually “need” that solve real problems and make our lives easier…looks stout and will definitely speed up our set-ups…well done (again ;-)…