Introducing our Shoulder Mount v3 & Mitchell Adapter Plate

We are happy to announce a pair of new filmmaking gadgets for your shooting pleasure. The first is our Shoulder Mount v3. The v3 improves on the old design, replacing the offset and support bracket by simplifying the adjustments and eliminating the need for allen keys to fine-tune. Thumb screws now allow for x/y axis adjustment via the offset slots or reverse mounting of the rails block attachments. The comfy, non-slip pad remains unchanged as previous users had zero complaints. The Shoulder Mount v3 also utilizes our new, low-profile counterbalance weights which we recommend rigging at a 2:1, rig-to-counterweight ratio.

The v3 is available with or without the offset. Non-EVF shooters will want the offset to ensure proper LCD orientation on DSLRS while camcorder style shooters (or any EVF rig shooters) can negate the offset for a classic ENG style rig.
New Shoulder Mount v3
The new Shoulder Mount v3 has been retro-fitted to all of our shoulder mounted camera rigs (DSLR Deluxe v3, DSLR Rig v3 and Simplis Ultimate v3).
DSLR Rig v3 with Uno Grips
The Mitchell Adapter Plate is our other new product offering, available in two iterations. The Plate can be added to our Atlas 200 camera slider, allowing Mitchell users to attach their heads to the heavy-duty slider. The other option is the Mitchell Hi Hat which, like our Dromos Hi Hat, allows users to get low angle shots while maintaining the ability to pan and tilt their cameras.
Mitchell Adapter Plate on Atlas 200
For those in the market for a shoulder mount but looking for something a bit more affordable check out the DSLR Shoulder Mount (v2) at a discount along with a bunch of other goodies like Equipment Cases, more DSLR and camera rigs and a few refurbished items in our On Sale and Clearance Section.

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One Response to Introducing our Shoulder Mount v3 & Mitchell Adapter Plate

  1. Hello Cinevate!
    I have been purchasing your products these past few Months. Thank you for the excellent craftsmanship in your work! Anyway, I recently called about a new 5D Mark III cyclops adapter? The current one was made too small for the 5D Mark III LCD screen. The Rep mentioned the issue was being attended to? Where are things at? I’d love to have one that fits correctly on my camera! Thanks again!