Indie Short Seeks Funding After Robbery

Our good friends at Imaginarium Studio are currently looking to overcome the common challenge of funding an indie film. That challenge was compounded when their studio was broken into and three cameras, including a Red Scarlet with lens kit and numerous camera accessories, were stolen.

Stopping production on the film was never an option for Imaginarium however, the robbery has delayed production and created the need for additional funding. The team at Imaginarium has decided to utilize crowdsourcing site Indiegogo in hopes to raise the additional funding needed to see their project to fruition.

The footage thus far looks amazing and we’re hoping that they can garner enough financial support to finish the film.

The following are excerpts from the Indiegogo Campaign along with images and footage that they’ve shot to date. There’s also a cool clip showing the lengths they went to when building the extremely detailed set. If you’re interested please contribute to Scenes from a Room.

About the Film: SCENES FROM A ROOM

Scenes from a Room is a series of short dramatic films, each an independent story that together form a larger narrative. Set in a one-room pension, the film explores an array of characters and the events of their stay.

Watch a behind-the-scenes video of the set build:

For The Love of Film:

For us, film is not so much a choice but a calling. It is a passion that drives us to tell stories and inspires us to create. It is the vehicle for doing meaningful work and it allows us to live creatively. Beyond the complexities and endless challenges of production, the journey of making films is a road we have chosen to pursue. We do it because we must.

The Axis Jib helps achieve an overhead shot.

The Axis Jib helps achieve an overhead shot.

On Character and Perseverance:

Independent filmmaking challenges all of us in countless ways. There are the known challenges that we plan and prepare for but sometimes there are unexpected challenges that we can’t foresee. Most of the time, the obstacles jeopardize some component of a film project; but once in a while, filmmakers have to face the possible cancellation or indefinite suspension of their project. It is then that the truest character of the filmmaker and the strength of the production team reveal themselves.

On the set of Scenes from a Room.

The Unexpected:

This was our first opportunity to build a set for a film project and amidst the sawing, hammering and painting, pre-production had, for a couple months, been in full swing including rehearsals, wardrobe fittings and storyboarding.

Watch the new Axis Jib in action.

Suddenly, everything came to a halt. One week before principal photography was scheduled to begin, a robbery in our studio resulted in the loss of three cameras including our Red Scarlet digital cinema camera, lens kit and a large majority of camera accessories. Without a camera, no budget to replace it and under immense pressure to make some decisions, we found ourselves in a quiet studio.

Stopping Was Never An Option:

“They’ve taken the camera’s but they can’t take the film.”

And with that comment we knew what needed to happen next. The cast and crew rallied and contributed far more then the compensation justified. The production date was pushed back by three weeks and the resources were re-organized into a new plan. By the end of December we had our first chapter of Scenes from a Room in the can.

If you’re interested in helping support this project please contribute to the Indiegogo campaign.

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  1. aaron says:

    cool cinema work. i’ve always been interested in adding the jib to my tool bag.