GoPro HERO 3 Launches

There is no shortage of ‘action’ cameras on the market these days (GoPro, Contour, Sony to name a few). Contour has been in the game for a couple years now and Sony recently announced their Action Camera while GoPro seemed to be sitting idly by. Fret not GoPro fans as they have just unveiled their GoPro Hero 3 last night at midnight.

GoPro Hero 3

So what’s the story? Well, it’s faster, lighter and boasts much higher resolution and frame rate. How does 120 fps at 720 sound, or 60 fps at 1080p? They also have ultra-high resolution options with 2.7kp at 24 fps and 4kp at 12 fps (in their Protune video modes). For photo and timelapse they’ve increased the resolution to 12 MP with 30 frame per second capture along with better low light performance. Judging from their launch video, it doesn’t look like they’re exaggerating (the sharpness is pretty amazing compared to previous GoPro footage).

The Black Edition is the fully loaded Hero 3 which has built-in WiFi and can make use of the free iOS application that allows for remote monitoring and triggering (awesome). The Black Edition will run you $399.99, which is a the highest priced ‘action’ camera on the market but also has the best feature set by far. You can still pick up the Hero 3 versions at a fraction of the price of the Hero 3 Black Edition, although you sacrifice resolution and features. The White Edition (at $199.99) seems akin to the Hero 1 and the Silver to the Hero 2 ($299.99). You can check out all 3 versions along with all the bells and whistles over at

GoPro Hero 3 and WiFi Remote

I love my GoPro to death but I think the novelty of being able to film everything has worn off. The largely improved specs along with the WiFi and iPhone control options are still pretty tempting though, so I could see myself impulse buying the Black Edition down the road. Anyone sold on the higher res or frame rates?

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5 Responses to GoPro HERO 3 Launches

  1. Mako says:

    ? Silly question. For our pro applications we always want better, even if YOU don’t notice when a GoPro shot comes up on the big screen

    • Luke says:

      lol, I think it’s pretty obvious when a GoPro shot appears anywhere. I love the fun and novelty of a GoPro and the perspectives it allows but I’ve rarely found a use for the footage in most of my projects. Having said that, some of the most beautiful shots and locations I’ve seen have been shot on a GoPro because it puts a camera in the hands of the everyman.

  2. charles schultz says:

    How much is the go pro Hero 3?

  3. Michael says:

    Hey guys – I don’t think GoPro has been sitting idly by! If anything, they’ve been the ones really driving this market. The Hero2 was a nice update from the original, and the recent addition of the ProTune software to add 24p and 35mbit to it is fantastic news. Sony is WAY too late to the party, and their action cam is about 5 years too late… it’s no better than the original GoPro in terms of bitrate or functionality. Contour makes a nice product, but the GoPro has far more mounting options and accessories making it a better fit for a ‘go everywhere’ camera. We carry a GoPro with us on every shoot (and will be getting the 3 shortly), and often find places to put them where no other camera will go (and come back in one piece). Hanging them off of cranes, laying them on the ground to be driven over, strapped to helicopters – we even strapped one on the head of a polar bear researcher!