Free Live Webinar – Photographers: Discover Your Inner-Filmmaker

UPDATE – The webinar has already aired, but you can view the recording on the updated blog post.

If you’re like a lot of photographers out there then you’re probably being pushed into shooting video alongside or in place of stand alone photography. There are new and different rules to consider when shooting video instead of photography, but it’s best to start with some video basics. In fact, if you have an HDSLR and your standard photo tripod and/or monopod you can get started right away! Cinevate’s Victor Ha has been on the road communicating information like this for the past year and has put together this free live webinar to introduce photographers to these basics (and using tools you already own no less!)

The Webinar (remember, live AND free) will feature a simple and straightforward video shot using only a Canon 5D Mk II, a basic photo tripod, monopod, ball head, and some photo lenses.  Of course, you’ll also be able to ask questions during our live chat. We’re hoping this will help get the creative mindset necessary to start employing video into your productions.

Be sure to sign up to ensure access to the webinar this Thursday, January 26th, 2012 at 1 PM Eastern-Standard Time.

Who should attend:
– Photographers interested in shooting video with their DSLR camera
– Photographers shooting DSLR video on a budget
– Photographers looking to offer video services to their clients


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13 Responses to Free Live Webinar – Photographers: Discover Your Inner-Filmmaker

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  2. Nancy Palmieri says:

    I am having trouble connecting to the webinar for 1/26/12

  3. Carl says:

    not working!

  4. Terry Townsend says:

    trying to get on, after hitting submit, nothing happens

  5. says:

    Would like to see the webinar but having no luck!

  6. Betsy says:

    Same as above. Couldn’t sign on to watch webinar. Will you be putting the webinar on your site for viewing later?

  7. Luke says:

    Hey All

    Our first Webinar go, run externally through our US Distributor, so sorry for the kinks in the system. The Webinar will be available soon to watch (if you registered your email you’ll receive a link to view it). I’ll also add the video and/or link to this post as soon as it’s available!

  8. Johnny Hays says:

    Please send me the link to view the recorded webinar… Thanks

    • Luke says:

      Hey Johnny

      The link will be available soon – if you registered/signed up for the webinar you’ll be emailed the link. Alternatively, we will also be posting it here on the blog early next week.

  9. Luke says:

    Hey Everyone

    You can now view the entire video on the new post –

  10. Grant says:

    As of 1:30 PM PDT – I see the links above stating they are for the show today (April 26 2012) but they are not showing the new show from today. This is FYI — you first two are great and I am looking forward to watching today’s show which I could not see in real time.

    Thank you for your great series!

    • Luke says:

      Hey Grant,
      The webinar actually ran at 1 PM Eastern time, sorry for the confusion. We’ll have the Webinar online shortly though so you can watch at your convenience.