Event Cinema Workshops

Event Cinema Workshops
So you’ve got an expensive new camera, a decent set of sticks, some 15mm rails, and maybe a follow focus and a slider. You’re all set, right? Sure, your videos are going to look great, especially with some slick sliding shots and a rack focus or two, but how are you going to use these tools effectively to tell the story or push the message you’re trying to deliver? Enter Event Cinema Workshops : a pair of hands-on filmmaking/production intensive workshops being held over 2 days – the first in Chicago on October 3rd and 4th, and the second in Boston on October 6th and 7th.

Hosted by some of the best in the business, including Kevin Shahinian, Patrick Moreau, and Joe Simon, the workshops promise to instruct and delight on a variety of topics, including (but not limited to);

– Fundamentals of cinematic storytelling – an introduction to narrative theory and the basics of screenplay structure for creating powerful SDEs and epic short form edits.
– Cinematography intensive – a detailed analysis of various DSLR prime and zoom lenses. Comparative analysis of camera placement, aperture and focal length and their affect on composition. Techniques to master camera settings and full-manual shooting under various conditions.
– Ideal settings for your DSLR, what it all means and how to shoot to achieve the specific look and feel for any desired mood or effect.
– Camera movement, sliders and stabilizers for DSLRs. Learn to quickly balance & use various stabilizers, such as the Steadicam Flyer and Glidecam HD4000. Justifying movement, when and how best to utilize it

I should definitely mention that these are only a fraction of the topics to be discussed.  To find the full itinerary, get more information, or to register for a workshop, visit the official Event Cinema Workshops site.

Kevin Shahinian of Pacific Pictures

The first presenter is likely a name you'll recognize: Kevin Shahinian of Pacific Pictures.

Kevin is an award-winning filmmaker, graduate of the USC School of Cinematic Arts and founder of Pacific Pictures, a boutique film production company based in Los Angeles, CA that produces live event, corporate and original concept productions for clients around the world. Kevin’s ground-breaking work has been featured in print by EventDV, HD Video Pro, Videography and American Photo magazines among others, and has led to corporate partnerships with companies like Canon, Adobe, Zacuto, and Cinevate. Kevin was featured on Zacuto’s “Filmfellas” original web series and has been voted one of EventDV’s “Top 25″ most influential event filmmakers in the world numerous times. He has been a featured speaker at educational events around the world and continues to attract international attention for his work.

One of Kevin’s award winning films includes City of Lakes, which Cinevate was proud to be a sponsor of nearly a year ago.

Joe Simon joins the Event Cinema Workshops roster

Joe Simon of Joe Simon Wedding Films (and Mutiny Bikes) joins Kevin to present the Event Cinema Workshops

Joe is a filmmaker, extreme sports enthusiast and co-founder of Mutiny Bikes, a BMX bike company and riding team. While his hobbies include BMX, Joe’s true passion for filmmaking led him to create Joe Simon Films in 1999. Drawing experience from an array of different shooting environments including extreme sports, indie films, music videos and live events, Joe Simon has been able to create a signature look all his own. His current cine-doc productions include HD, super 8mm and 16mm film. Joe’s international filmmaking work has earned him multiple awards including EventDV magazine’s “Top 25″ two years in a row. His work has been featured on Zacuto’s “Filmfellas” online web series, Ride BMX MAG, Digg Magazine and CRUISE Passenger, among others.

We featured Joe in our shooter showcase way-back-when and he’s been nothing but busy every since. Check out Joe’s original Shooter Showcase piece for the original post or check out the video below.


Patrick Moreau of Stillmotion

Stillmotion's Patrick Moreau is the 3rd presenter in the Event Cinema Workshops

Patrick Moreau of Stillmotion will be joining the Event Cinema Workshop lineup for an all new series this fall. Stillmotion is a band of filmmakers and photographers based in Toronto, Canada and San Francisco, CA, who, “as a rule, always let our curiosity get the better of us.” The team at StillMotion “believes that the process of discovery is as important as what goes on the screen.” StillMotion has worked for Apple, Canon, Callaway, NFL, and Tiffen, but they say, “not that unabashed name dropping tells you much about who we are and what we offer. For that, we prefer to let our work do the talking for us.”

Stillmotion and Cinevate’s friendship is as old as the company itself. Patrick and Dennis have been buddies since the 35mm adapter days and it shows in their latest meet-up in our Ask Cinevate series. Check out the video below.

You’ll also want to check out Stillmotion’s latest blog entry – a contest to win a spot at their Event Cinema Workshop. To find out how to enter check out the Stillmotionblog site.

Don’t forget to check out Kevin, Joe, and Patrick’s workshops at the Event Cinema Workshops site.

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